Govt. to reclaim land for Male' City residents

May 12, 2020: Photo shows a drone photo of Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

The government of the Maldives has revealed details of new plans to reclaim land in order to provide land plots to the residents of Male’ City. 

The plans were disclosed in the parliament today by Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam as he was responding to a question by MP for North Galolhu Eva Abdulla. 

MP Eva questioned Minister Aslam regarding statements made by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to provide land for the residents of Male’ City. The President did not provide many details regarding the plans in a campaign event of MDP for the upcoming local council elections. 

Minister Aslam said that the President had announced the plans to the extent and that further details of the plans would be announced later on. 

Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam. (Photo/Parliament)

“I know that the government has the mindset. Ideas for new land, for residents of Male’. It will be announced by the President. The President has not disclosed details of the plans, because there is doubt over the certainty and firmness of plans being taken to the extent that the President desires. However, since it has reached to some extent, the President made the announcement last week,” said Minister Aslam. 

The Minister apologized for being unable to provide many details to the question posed by MP Eva before stating that it was “a new land project”.

“We are talking about a new land project, along with which new plots of land. It will be announced soon,” said Minister Aslam. 

Speaker Nasheed afterward, said that it would be most useful if someone was to reveal information they knew about something. He then went on to clarify what he knew about the proposed project. 

Parliament Speaker, former President Mohamed Nasheed. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

“Loans to reclaim the land, I have received information. The government is trying to obtain a loan from the ING bank. As soon as the loan is secured the area can be reclaimed. When it is reclaimed, plots will be carved out and awarded,” said Nasheed. 

The ING Bank is a multinational financial service corporation based in the Netherlands. 

The idea by the current administration to provide land for residents of Male’ City has the same resemblance to a plan previously floated by ex-President Abdulla Yameen to reclaim the Fushidhiggaru area south of Male’. 800 hectares were to be reclaimed from Fushidhiggaru while 230 hectares were also reclaimed from the Gulhifalhu under the name “Vilimale-2”.

Around 5,000 applied for the housing schemes of the former President announced under this project in 2018.