Parliament votes to remove Maleeh as Tech. Minister

November 17, 2018: Maleeh Jamaal is pictured with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih after being sworn in as a cabinet member. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

The parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favor of a motion of no confidence against Maleeh Jamaal, Minister of Science, Communication, and Technology. 

A total of 59 parliamentarians voted in favor of the motion and to remove Maleeh. Only one MP voted against Maleeh’s removal while four MPs abstained. 

Under Article 101 of the Constitution, a cabinet member can be removed from the post if a motion of no confidence against that member is passed by a majority of the parliament. 

The motion of no confidence against Maleeh was submitted by MDP PG Group leader Ali Azim with the signature of 14 parliamentarians. Maleeh during his time in office always been heavily criticized by parliamentarians. The motion of no confidence was submitted after allegations that Maleeh failed to perform his duties. 

During today's debate, Maleeh who was in attendance, vehemently denied that he was not performing his duties. He said that the motion was due to him exercising his right to expression of freedom. 

Jumhoory Party (JP) to which Maleeh belongs to has also defended him.