Validity period of Parent Act for General Regulations increased by six months

The People’s Majlis has today decided to increase the period of validity of the Parent Act on General Regulations by six months. The Parent Act was passed by the Majlis in order to give legal basis for a number of regulations for which there were no statutory bases, following the introduction of the new Constitution in August 2008.

The Parent Act was set previously to expire on the 5th of coming February. However, the By-Laws Committee of the Majlis submitted a report to the Majlis floor saying that many of the regulations now given legal force by the Parent Act would cease to have effect if the latter is dead on 5 February, and that statutory bases of such regulations would take further time to come, and that the Parent Act’s validity period, thus, needed to be extended.

71 out of the 75 MPs present in today’s meeting voted in favor of extending the validity period of the Parent Act.

The Majlis also decided to bring the Regulation on Importing Birds to the Maldives under the scope of the Parent Act on General Regulations.