IGS launches Maldives’ first space program

IGS’ Chairman and CEO Rifath Mohamed gestures as he speaks during the launch of Maldives' first space program on November 15, 2020. (Photo/IGS)

Institute for Global Success (IGS) has launched the first space program in Maldives.

IGS developed the space program in partnership with KSF Space Foundation in the UK. The two organizations signed a MOU to develop the space program back in October.

Speaking at the ceremony held to launch the ceremony on Sunday, IGS’ Chairman and CEO Rifath Mohamed said the program will involve designing, building and launching space crafts and scientific research.

Rifath said that the training will be provided by experts from the US under grant assistance from the KSF Space Foundation.

The program targets higher education students.

“The first research project under the space program will be introduced early next year. The technical study and the feasibility study for the project was done by industry experts,” said Rifath.

IGS has stated that it wants to harness the talents and skills of young Maldivians so they can realize their full potential and expand their horizons.

“We want to see the day astronauts from Maldives work in the space industry. We are working to facilitate such opportunities,” said Rifath.

IGS’s mission is to develop a new breed of leaders, engineers and scientists in the Maldives.

The organization has hailed its partnership with KSF Space Foundation as a “key milestone in realizing our dreams and position the Maldives as a regional hub for scientific research, technological breakthroughs and innovative solutions that advance our own communities as well as the humankind.”