Top opposition figure, Abdul Raheem charged with use of foul language

PNC leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Abdul Raheem Abdulla, the leader of the People' National Congress party (PNC) has been charged due to his use of foul language. 

The Prosecutor General's Office forwarded the case to the Criminal Court today. Abdul Raheem has confirmed the case against him to Sun. He said that he was charged with the use of foul language under the Penal Code section 615. 

If found guilty, Abdul Raheem could face a prison sentence of one month and six days at most while the minimum sentence for the crime is nine days in prison. 

Speaking about the charges, Abdul Raheem said that the government was out of options and the reason for such a charge was because the government had no other choice. 

"You can see that they spoke about cruelty during our government. What is this? Do there need to be charges brought about for speaking somewhere?" said Abdul Raheem who said the current government was afraid of his critical statements which he would not stop. 

The PG Office said that Abdul Raheem was charged with the use of foul or indecent language in public on the day that former President Abdulla Yameen was sentenced to prison. 

A case against Abdul Raheem was lodged with police after he used foul language while speaking with media outlets outside the police headquarters after being summoned. Charges were not brought about regarding the case.