PG Office yet to make decision in Mayor Shifa's corruption case

Male' City Mayor Shifa Mohamed at the ceremony to handover 16 vehicles and heavy machinery donated by the Indian government to Male' City Council, on February 12, 2020. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Saeed)

The Prosecutor General’s Office is yet to make a decision in the alleged corruption case against Male’ City Mayor Shifa Mohamed. 

The Anti-Corruption Commission forwarded the findings of the investigation in the case to the PG Office on September 29 in order to bring charges. 

The case against Mayor Shifa stems from the project to develop Adi Park – located in Lonuziyaaraiykolhu area of Male’ City. The park comprises of two toilet stalls, three huts, three entrance canopies, renovation of a lifeguard tower, and construction and installation of a garden bridge. AMIN Construction was awarded the contract for the project. 

The ACC found that Mayor Shifa had misused her official authority as a public official to obtain an undue benefit for one’s own self or for another. 

ACC said that AMIN Construction was granted the contract for the project without paperwork, and without a transparent and competitive process, despite the opportunity to select the contractor for the project through an open and competitive bidding process.

To read the full case, click here.

Despite 22 days since the ACC forwarded the case, the PG Office is yet to make a decision in the case. A PG Office official said to today Sun that the case is still in limbo. 

PG Shameem himself has recused from the case citing family relations. However, Shameem stated in a press conference yesterday that the average timeframe for a case to be processed by the office has now been lowered to 10 days.