Ministers to be summoned over discrimination of constituencies

Fonadhoo MP Moosa Siraj. (Photo/Parliament)

MP for Fonadhoo Moosa Siraj has submitted requests to question two cabinet members over the discrimination of constituencies in infrastructure development projects.

MP Siraj requested to summon Planning and Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam and Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer.

The biggest concern expressed by MP Siraj is the signing of the road development project of R. Dhuvaafaru which was not included in the budget for 2020, while the road development project of MP Siraj’s constituency remained unsigned despite being included in the budget for 2020. 

MP Siraj also tweeted that discrimination among constituencies should be fully eliminated. 

He has put forward six questions to the Ministers separately. They include questions regarding the policy on how the road development projects of Dhuvaafaru and Fonadhoo were dealt with, and why the project of Fonadhoo was left aside despite being bigger in land area. 

The MP's questions also focused on what policy was followed in the signing of the Dhuvaafaru project for MVR 37 million which was not included in the budget, after the government halted signing any new projects due to COVID-19.

He questioned whether the government had obtained the necessary funding for such projects now. 

The Parliament is currently in recess and it seems that the Ministerial questioning session would be conducted once the Parliament reconvenes.