STELCO commences installment scheme for bills

State Electric Company (Stelco) headquarters at Male' City. (File Photo/Sun/Ahmed Aushan Ilyas)

State Electric Company (STELCO) has announced installment options for bill payments in the last four months for those who are in financial strain.

The electricity bills from March to June will be allowed to be paid in installments, as was announced by the Managing Director of STELCO Hassan Mughny in a news conference held last Thursday. Mughny said that the company had acknowledged that the lifestyles of citizens had undergone great changes during these four months due to COVID-19.

Online application forms for the installment scheme will now be available through STELCO’s website. Forms will also be available from its counters.

Customers will be treated on a case by case basis where one may not be provided a scheme similar to others. An agreement is to be signed with STELCO for the installment schemes and applications will be accepted for a period of two weeks.

STELCO also announced that it will be providing a 40 percent subsidy for the electricity bills of the month of June due to complaints of extravagant amounts. The subsidy will be provided only for domestic customers. The subsidy was extended from to the month of June from April and May. A similar subsidy was announced by Fenaka Corporation as well. Fenaka provides electricity for most of the islands in the country apart from Male' City.