India provides aid to five regional countries including Maldives

Photo shows Indian military officers photographed in front of medical aid brought to the Maldives. The aid shipment of STO was stuck in India due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indian government smoothed out the process and transported the shipment to the Maldives. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

India has assisted five countries, including the Maldives, faced with the negative impacts of COVID-19.

As the pandemic impacts the world heavily, India has taken up the initiative on assisting many small nations in the region both financially and by providing medical supplies. 

India is sending aid to these five nations on a naval vessel of the country. The countries it is assisting include Comoros, Maldives, Madagascar, and Seychelles. India stated that the assistance was provided upon the request of the governments of these nations. 

The aid includes essential supplies as well as food. 

India has previously provided the Maldives with essential medical supplies to last three months. The regional power will also provide the Maldives with 600 tons of food supply. India and Maldives have had a historically strong close relationship, being closely situated neighbors.

To Mauritius, India has sent medical teams in addition to providing Ayurveda medication, while to Comoros, India provided medical supplies to control dengue. 

Anti-malarial drugs touted to assist against COVID-19 were also previously provided by India to Mauritius, Seychelles, and Maldives. India is one of the biggest producers of the drug and has ramped up production as of recently.