Work to handover flats in Dhidhdhoo underway

Housing ministry commenced work to handover flats in Dhidhdhoo on March 8, 2020. (Photo/Housing ministry)

Work to award the remaining flats under the government housing scheme in H.A Dhidhdhoo has begun.

Housing ministry stated that work to award the 110 flats out of the 250 built as part of the scheme was underway. Signing process, inspection and handing over the flats are currently underway according to the ministry.

The work will be conducted in the Atoll office in Dhidhdhoo from 9:00 today till March 8, 2020.

The list of flat owners was reevaluated under the direction of the ACC and AG office after 140 of the flats built as part of the scheme were awarded. The flats currently awarded are the remaining unawarded 110 flats.