Parliament removes all plastic bottles inside its chambers

Parliament ceases use of plastic water bottles inside its chambers on June 24, 2019. (Photo/Twitter/Hoarafushi MP Ahmed Saleem)

The Parliament of Maldives has ceased use of single-use plastic bottles inside its chambers.

Media Director of Parliament, Hassan Ziyau reported to ‘Sun’ that the Parliament ceased the use of plastic bottles inside its chambers this Monday.

He said that all plastic water bottles previously kept at the desk of every parliamentarian has now been removed, and temporary arrangements made to provide water to parliamentarians.

Every parliamentarian now has a glass of water kept at their desk instead of plastic water bottles.

“This has been well-received by all parliamentarians. All parliamentarians want the Parliament to be a no-plastic zone,” said Ziyau.

The cease in use on plastic water bottles inside the chambers is part of a greater project initiated by the Environment and Climate Change Committee of the Parliament to cease the use of single-use plastic altogether at the Parliament.

In the spirit of the project, the Parliament’s social club presented the 149 administrative staff at the Parliament will glass water bottles to use instead of plastic water bottles.

The Parliament has also posted an announcement seeking a party to supply drinking water in glass bottles to the building. The deadline for submission of estimates for the project closes on Thursday, June 27.