Maldivian government requests EU assistance in resolving issues in the country

The Maldivian government has requested assistance from the European Union (EU) in the efforts to resolve the political unrest in the country.

A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry today, the government said that they will continue to work with the EU and it's member countries and "appreciates the continued support and cooperation that the European Union is continuing to extend in strengthening the electoral, governance and democratic structures and framework."

While the Maldivian government has expressed gratitude for continual support, the EU Foreign Affairs Council passed a resolution today on the concerns regarding the Maldives.

The resolution called to the Maldivian government to lift the state of emergency declared on 5 February and hold discussions with the oppositions in an effort to hold a fair Presidential Election this year. The resolution also accused and condemned the influencing the courts.

If the state of the country does not improve, the EU intends to take targeted measures against the Maldives.

Following the resolution, the Maldivian Ambassador to EU, Ahmed Shian told Sun Media that the EU does not intend to take strict measures against the Maldives but obstructions in some cooperated work.