Security Forces: some have made plans to create unrest on Friday

Security forces has said that they have received information that plans have been made by some people to create civil unrest in the country on Friday.

Speaking at a joint press conference by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and the Maldives Police Service today, Spokesperson of the police, Superintendent, Ahmed Shifan said that police intelligence has received information that a group of people are planning to create civil unrest in the country.

Superintendent Shifan said that despite the freedom of public gathering being allowed during this period of state of emergency, creating unrest will not be tolerated.

He said that police would not accept any attempt to disrupt the peace and advised against such actions.

Spokesperson for the MNDF, Captain Ibrahim Azim said that they are working with the Maldives Police Service to sustain the peace in the country and advised the public not to support the attempts to create conflict in the country by political figures.