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President: Security would be enforced by a foreign military under Nasheed's rule

SUMMARY: - State of Emergency declared for 15 days in the Maldives. - Some constitutional rights suspended. - Ex-President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom detained. - Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed detained. - Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameedh detained. - Supreme Court amends it's order on February 1; cancels order for release of nine politicians.
The chief envoy for all party talks on behalf of the government, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Dr. Mohamed Shainee invites parties to resume all-party talks.
President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom says every February 7 should be celebrated as Patriot Day.
President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom says he had been taking on half his salary until he moved his residence to Hilaaleege.
Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed's attorneys say 15-day prison sentence issued for those involved in arresting the Chief Justice from Supreme Court on February 6.
Supreme Court judge Ali Hameed's spouse arrested.
Event by the PPM Women's Movement has ended.

If Nasheed comes to power, there is no need for the army here. Security would be maintained by a foreign army for sure. Maldivian army has to think about this.


We were on our knees these past five days. We were saved by the police and the army.

President Yameen has said that the parliament has to make sure that the people who want to rule by bringing in a militia from abroad cannot come 10 feet to the presidency.

Before getting off in Male' (I) knew Ahmed Adheeb did it, (that he) blew up (the Presidential launch) Finifenma Launch.


Big or small (we) don't want to become party of a colony.


(I) still make not of the firm standing displayed by the security forces.


A person who loves the country will not forget this day.


I would say we are still in mourning. Four people bringing the country to it's knees would not be removed from history.

Following the tragedy facing the country, President Yameen has said that he said somethings unwillingly yesterday.

Madam (First Lady) did a lot of hard work for my sake, the country and the religion.


Azima (Shukoor) is a knowledgeable person.

President Yameen has praised the women among his supporters.
President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has taken the stage at the PPM event.
MP Asma Rasheed speaking at the PPM event - Sun Photo: Mohamed Afrah
MP Asma Rasheed has said that she had been quiet previously but can no longer stay her tongue.
MP Asma Rasheed said that with God's Will, they would have the majority when the parliament opens.
MP Asma Rasheed has said that no major country is going to assist after a failed attack to the country.
MP for Mid-Maafannu constituency, Asma Rasheed has taken the stage at the PPM event.
With opposition supporters gathered at Artificial Beach, a large number of SO officers of the police have been mobilized in the area in riot gear.
PPM supporters in the West Park area are celebrating.
The Deputy Leader of MDA, Rafiyya has criticized the opposition saying that that the people in foreign lands talking nonsense and against the religion are not important.

President Yameen was elected with the vote of the women.

Deputy Leader of MDA, Aishath Rifiyya has taken the stage at the PPM event.
Azima Shukoor has raised concerns that there are people in the Maldives that supports the call to bring foreign armed forced into the country.
A PPM event, where the President will be attending, has started at the Y18 campaign office near West Park. Legal Adviser of the President's Office, Aishath Azima Shukoor, is speaking at the moment.
Supreme Court of the Maldives has said that they can preside over cases with a bench of three judges and defamation of the court would result in legal action.
Secretary General of PPM, Dr. Abdulla Khaleel has called to the opposition to stop the false rumors being spread to create public fear.
Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, has met with all of his children except Ghassan, at Dhoonidhoo, where he is being detained.
Deputy Leader of MDA and the MP for Kendhikulhudhoo constituency, Ali Mauroof, has said that with the Will of God, the country is slowly going towards a safety.
Vice President of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, has said that President Abdulla Yameen would only take steps after thinking on it and when he has no other options than to take steps.
Employees under the Civil Service Commission has gotten a salary bump.
At the police press conference: Charges against Hassan Saeed are: - Influencing Judges with bribes - Accepting bribes and taking advantage of it Acting Commissioner Navaz said that a large sum of money was found under his bed when his room was searched and have acquired evidence of transactions in millions of US dollars and Maldivian Rufiyaa.
At the police press conference: Acting Commissioner, Navaz, said that the charges against the Supreme Court Judge, Ali Hameed, are: - Accepting a bribe and making a specific judicial ruling - Abuse of influence in an attempt to overthrow the constitutional government - Obstructing the judicial system He said that the investigation so far into these crimes have found a large sum of money believed to be connected to Judge Ali Hameed along with other evidences.
At the police press conference: Acting Commissioner, Abdulla Navaz, has said that Chief Justice, Abdulla Saeed was arrested on 6 February 2018 under the charges: - Accepting a bribe and making a specific judicial ruling - Abuse of influence in an attempt to overthrow the constitutional government - Obstructing the judicial system

(We) have acquired witness testimonies and other related evidence in relation to (these) charges.

Political issues are a country's domestic affairs, China is against foreign intervention in domestic affairs of Maldives, says China's foreign ministry. In an interview to the Chinese media, spokesperson at China's foreign ministry said China was keeping a close watch on the situation in Maldives. The spokesperson said China was hopeful for peaceful resolution of issues between Maldivian political parties through open dialogue, and the situation in in Maldives to return to normalcy.
President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom says he isn't sure the turmoil of the past week is over, with the appeal for foreign military intervention in Maldives. Speaking at the gathering held at PPM's "Rumaalu-2" last Tuesday night, President Yameen said he was uneasy with the appeal for foreign intervention. "I'm still hearing invitations for foreign intervention. I'm feeling uneasy over this," said Yameen. The comment comes after former President Mohamed Nasheed's tweet asking for an envoy from India, backed by the military, to come to Maldives to enforce the order issued by Supreme Court on February 1.
Sources say that the status of the Supreme Court Judge, Ali Hameed, is not very serious.
SO police is working clear the people gathered near the Executive Ward, out of the hospital.
The family of Judge Ali Hameed is requesting the police to allow them to visit.
Supreme Court Judge, Ali Hameed, has been brought to Indira Gandhi Memorail Hospital (IGMH) with poor health condition. Judge Ali Hameed is admitted at the Executive Ward of the hospital with four Special Operations officers of the Police are standing guard. Sources say that Judge Hameed was brought to the hospital around 12:15 a.m.
A large number of police officers are active near the MDP campaign hall. The people taking part in the rally are inside the Artificial Beach. Although previously closed, the area near the campaign hall has now been opened.
President has ended his speech after thanking the security forces for taking his advice for the people of the country.

I didn't come here to talk politics. I came to thank you all.


Creating a dangerous environment is opening the chance for foreign influence.


Judges actions destroyed a lot of physical evidence.

President raised the question whether the Maldivian people would vote again for the people calling to bring in a foreign army.

How can they hide after stealing, saying "we can't be investigated."

President Yameen said that bigger crimes were not committed because three of the five Supreme Court Judges appreciate peace.
President, Abdulla Yameen, has said that he does not believe the Constitution would allow abuse of power.

This is the result of working with a sincerity.


Getting political thoughts into the heads of the Supreme Court Judges is the death of the country. Those judges have to repent.


Supreme Court is not the head of the state. The highest in the state is the President.


Don't assume everyone know the Constitution when an order comes.


People who wanted to bring a political coup wanted the police to go out and implement the Supreme Court order. If that had happened, a second 7 February repeats again.


Don't play with my religion. Don't play with my nation. This is an advice for tonight and always.


The most sincere work was done by the Maldives police and the army. They deserve a standing ovation


Now I believe politics are "dirty". But I stand with a sincere heart.


This is a victory to the Maldives.


In that critical situation, my wife and the PPM members of different levels did hard work.


If there's an issue with the person who is a President, take to the courts to resolve it.


Political figures used, against the government, a powerful weapon. But the even the person who created the weapon don't have the power to control it.


(Is) 7 February every year a day for a bloodbath? That is a question to ask.


Worked without sleep these last (few) days. (I'm) at the Defence Ministry until 6 in the morning the next day (before) I go home.


(We) can't be allowed to celebrate, (we) must be thankful (to God).


I trust the Judicial System very much.

President Yameen has taken the stage at PPM's Rumaalu 2.
An opposition rally is being held near the MDP campaign hall. Not many people are present at the time.
Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Reeko Moosa Manik, at Rumaalu 2: "Indian military won't come because (former President) Nasheed told them to. India is not cruel to us."
Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Reeko Moosa Manik, at Rumaalu 2: "(Back) then, on 7 February, the streets were bloody because the leader back then fled."
Deputy Leader of MDA, Ali Mauroof at Rumaalu 2: "(I) want to call on to the people, to be free on this situation, pray good will to President Yameen."
Security forces are patrolling near the Rumaalu 2 campaign hall with officers of the Specialist Forces.
People are gathering near the MDP campaign hall. Police have closed down the area.
At Rumaalu 2: Deputy Leader of PPM Parliamentary Group, Riyaz Rasheed, has said that the opposition is creating chaos because they cannot defeat the President in an election.
At Rumaalu 2: Managing Director of FENAKA Corporation, Ahmed Shareef, said that even in this critical situation, the President's first choice was discussion.
Police have closed down the area around Rumaalu 2 campaign hall and MNDF is patrolling the area.
At the PPM event at Rumaalu 2:

At this situation, the young women are showing that they are with President Yameen.

Government coalition event at Rumaalu 2 campaign hall has started with a large group of people.
The amendment to the ruling by the Supreme Court on 1 February also omits the part that says the case against the Supreme Court judges was not received by JSC.
The suspensions were lifted against the lawyers: - Husnu Suood - Maria Ahmed Didi - Ali Hussain - Mahfooz Saeed - Anas Abdul Sattar - Imthiyaz Fahumee - Hassan Latheef.
Supreme Court ruling on Thursday has been amended not to include the release of political figures. The amendment was made in a Supreme Court ruling tonight.
Suspension has been lifted on seven lawyers allowing them to practice in the Maldives again.
Police confirms the arrest of Ibrahim Siyad Qasim.
UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urges the Maldivian government to lift the State of Emergency in the country as soon as possible.
The President's Office said that the President has decided that section 145-C of the resolution has been omitted and the hold on implementing has been lifted.
Resolution on declaration of this latest State of Emergency has been amended with an amendment to the point that says Supreme Court has the final say on suspension of Constitutional laws.
Ibrahim Siyad Qasim, the son of the Jumhooree Party Leader, Qasim Ibrahim, has been arrested. He is the Managing Director of Villa Shipping and Trade.
Maldivian Ambassador to China, Dr. Mohamed Faisal said that China did not upgrade their travel advisory and always prioritize the safety of their citizens in such situations. He said that China is closely observing the situation in Maldives.
Maldivian Ambassador to China, Dr. Mohamed Faisal, has denied the reports in the foreign media outlets saying that Chinese Foreign Ministry has upgraded their travel advisory to the Maldives and ordered to cancel bookings to the Maldives. Ambassador Faisal told Sun Media that not many people have cancelled their holidays in the Maldives.

Tourists have continued visiting the country even last night, and today.

Police release the person arrested from near Villa Building.

The reason for this drastic change in the judges' mindset must be investigated.

A press by PPM in progress.
Deputy leader of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla announces President Yameen will participate in a special gathering held at PPM's Rumaalu-2 this Tuesday night.
An employee at the Villa Building has been arrested attempting to enter the building.
SO officers operating both inside and outside Villa Building.
Security forces enter Villa Building.
President Yameen ends his address to the nation regarding the State of Emergency.

There will come a time when I'm investigated. I will make room for any invetsigation, even today.


This is an effort to stamp out corruption. The President should be supported for this.


If there's document evidence against a judge, that too will be investigated.


We are working on finding out why such a major order was issued so suddenly.


Declaring no one can oversee what you are doing is a trait of dictatorship.


State of Emergency was invoked because of the obstruction to running the State within the framework of the law.


The big picture of everything which is going on now will be revealed by the police soon.


We are not in fear of a war.


State of Emergency was invoked due to inability to make the Supreme Court judges answerable.


State of Emergency was invoked to solve legal issues.


There'll be no curfew during the State of Emergency.


If the Attorney General is dismissed in such a situation. Then who will be left to provide me legal advice?


I asked to meet the Chief Justice at 12 yesterday. But he refused.


The State cannot remain in such fear.


I ordered that action not be taken against institutions for not enforcing the court order.


"GEMS" was deliberately shut down. Nothing could be submitted electronically. We failed in the attempt to revert back to the past and send someone with a letter.


I issued four orders to the Supreme Court. I said in the order that it is the responsibility of the President to maintain the legitimate government.


Supreme Court judges aren't above the law.


The President can be dismissed. The power lies with the parliamentarians.


The influence behind the change in Ali Hameed and Chief Justice's mindset needs to be investigated.


I saw no way to solve the issues that were created. I saw no choice.


Supreme Court attempted to reinstate Deputy CP Saudhy as well.


Supreme Court attempted to reinstate Police Commissioner Ahmed Areef. But failed.


They failed in their attempts to dismiss Attorney General.


Supreme Court discussed dismissing the President.


I always ask the Chief Justice to expedite cases if there's any delay. But I have never told him to issue a judgement one way or the other.


There's no issue related to the remaining three Supreme Court judges.


The Supreme Court rescinding Hassan Saeed's case proved the Chief Justice and Judge Ali Hameed's cases cannot be processed within Supreme Court.


There's nothing which cannot be investigated against anyone.


They gave for any investigation the government wanted done into the judiciary.


Hassan Saeed does not enjoy any of the privileges of a judge. He fled as soon as we started investigating.


We weren't trying to investigate Supreme Court judges. We were trying to investigate Hassan Saeed.


State officials living beyond their salaries need to be investigated.


Hassan Saeed is a close associate of Chief Justice and Judge Ali Hameed.


It's clear influence does not go into the Supreme Court from just one source.


The State is concerned by the Supreme Court's declaration its judges cannot be investigated.


Trying to enforce the court order does not mean contempt of court.


The Supreme Court paid no heed to any concerns expressed by the Prosecutor General.


I shared an audio clip of possible enforcement of the court order using foreign presence with the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice said such a thing was not possible.


Even I, personally, tried to call the Chief Justice after the Supreme Court order. But he did not pick up, even up until Friday evening.


I did not attempt to make the judges answerable by holding JSC meeting because I did not want to risk all members of the JSC being held in contempt of court.


It's the government which has to consider the impact on public order when major criminals are released.


"The court order made major decisions against the State. But the reasons for the decisions was not stated.


The Maldivian Constitution does not recognize "political prisoners".


The night of February 1 wasn't easy to take. I was taken aback at the Supreme Court order.

President begins his address to the nation.
Former Defense Minister Colonel (Retired) Mohamed Nazim - who had been serving his prison sentence under house arrest - has been taken into police custody and transported back to prison.

The Maldives Police Services assures the beloved people of the nation that we remain steadfast in executing everything the police are legally bound to, in order to protect the legitimate government and ensure the safety and protection of the people.

Maldives Police Service has appealed to the public to remain patient and cooperate with the authority in its efforts to maintain peace and security during the period of State of Emergency. MPS made the appeal in a statement this Tuesday afternoon.
President Yameen scheduled to address the nation at 1:30 pm this Tuesday.
President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has made a amendment to his Presidential Decree for State of Emergency, limiting rights of those arrested during the period.
Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Faris Maumoon released from police custody.
MPS says it has arrested Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed.
MPS says it has arrested Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed.
MNDF vehicle exits Supreme Court compound.
Foreign Secretary of the UK, Boris Johnson asks President Yameen to peacefully end the State of Emergency, to comply with the Constitution in its entirety, to protect civil liberties, to comply with the Supreme Court order and ensure the Parliament is able to work freely.
Large number of police and military officers exit Supreme Court.
Police investigative officers operating inside Supreme Court.
MPS says it has arrested Hassan Saeed, Judicial Administrator at Department of Judicial Administration (DJA).
Police launch has departed to Dhoonidhoo Prison with former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and his son-in-law Mohamed Nadheem. They have attorneys Hussein Shameem and Moosa Siraj with them.
MPS says it has arrested former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in connection with an ongoing investigation.
Police have surrounded M. Kunooz, where a large number of opposition MPs are.
Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom put into a police vehicle.
Yumna Maumoon's spouse, Mohamed Nadheem has been arrested.
Minority leader of People's Majlis, Hinnavaru MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) says the State of Emergency was declared unlawfully. Speaking at a press conference in progress by the joint parliamentary group of the opposition in M. Kunooz, Ibu said the opposition will not stop its reform efforts.

I'm leaving with the police. They have come to arrest and take me away. I don't know on what charges. I have done nothing to warrant my arrest. I give my assurance to all.

Attorney Maumoon Hameed said former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has been arrested on charges of bribery of MPs, attempted bribery, and attempting to unlawfully overthrow the government.
Police have entered Endherimaage after breaking down the door and arrested the former President, Maumoon.
Security forces have secured the area around the residence of the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Endherimaage. Officers are near the door to the residence.
Judicial Administration has lifted the suspension of lawyer, Husnu Al Suood.
Representing Yumna Maumoon on her case is lawyer, Hisaan Hussain.
Yumna Maumoon, a daughter of the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, has said that she has filed a request at the Supreme Court to lift the State of Emergency.
Employees of the Supreme Court and the Judicial Administration has been denined entry to the building. One of them told Sun Media that they were denied by an MNDF officer.
Security forces have closed down a large portion of Orchid Magu.
A large number of people have gathered near the Supreme Court. Sources that security forces are trying to break the lock and enter the court.
People in the Supreme Court area are being pushed back.
Supreme Court area have been closed off except for the security forces.
At an ongoing press conference, the Vice President of PPM, has said that PPM fully supports the President's decision to take the country into safety.
PPM congratulates the President on declaring a State of Emergency in the country.
Spokesperson of the President's Office, Ibrahim Muaz Ali, has made a request on Twitter, saying that the President has always been close with the public through his mobile phone but since this is an important time for the President, he has requested that the President's supporters and the public not to message the President on the phone during this time and thanked them for the closeness they keep with the President.
The Constitution protects a person's right to disobey an illegal order even during a State of Emergency.
Green Zone area has been closed off by security forces.
If there is doubt regarding the resolution to declare a State of Emergency, in part or in full, Article 258 of the Constitution states that the Supreme Court will make the decision.
Article 257-A of the Constitution states that the resolution for the State of Emergency has to be submitted at the parliament within 48 hours of the declaration. The parliament has the constitutional authority to lift the State of Emergency.
Laws invalid in a State of Emergency: - Article 12 and 14 of the Law of Judges - The Penal Code - Benefits for Judges and prior notification of pending actions against judges
The State of Emergency was declared for the next 15 days withholding some of the constitutional rights which are: - Freedom of public gathering and protest - Judicial administration - Warrantless arrests - Warrantless seize and search including property - Releasing of suspects - Fast investigations and trials - Civil suits - Legal appeal - Official summoning - Impeachment of President or Vice President - No confidence votes against cabinet ministers - Supreme Court rulings against the Presidnet - Supreme Court's right to the final decision - Impeachment of the Prosecutor General
Article 255 of the Constitution states that rights to freedom of expression and journalism are not withheld during a State of Emergency.
State of Emergency withholds the right to information along with the power to impeach cabinet ministers and the President.
Spokesperson of the President's Office, Ibrahim Muaz Ali, has confirmed that the President Yameen has declared a State of Emergency for the next 15 days.
State of Emergency declared in the Maldives.
Leader of the Jumhooree Party, Qasim Ibrahim, has taken to twitter saying that the MNDF and the Maldives Police Service are, undoubtedly with side along with 2/3 of the population.
A large number of SO officers are in the Supreme Court area responding to the government supporters' protest and the police have, just now, used pepper spray on the protesters. Protesters are now walking towards Maafannu on Orchid Magu.
Protesters have tried to break through the police barricades but the SO officers have pushed them back.
Government supporters at the protest rally are also calling for the arrest of the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.
Despite heavy rain, the government supporters continue their protest near the Supreme Court. Special Operations officers of the Maldives Police Service has been deployed to the area.
Led by the President of the PPM Youth Wing and the MP for Velidhoo constituency, Abdulla Yaamin Rasheed, the protest near the Supreme Court is on Aaburuzu Magu where MNDF is handling security in the area.
PPM and government supporters have started protesting near the Supreme Court calling for the resignation of the Chief Judge, Abdulla Saeed and to put an end to the threats against other judges.
Government supporters have taken to the street to protest the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday. Starting from the President Yameen's campaign office near the West Park, the rally marched to the Supreme Court. Leading the rally is the MP for Velidhoo constituency, Abdulla Yaamin Rasheed.
PPM Vice President Abdul Raheem Abdulla, has said that the law will catch up if they commit a crime even if it is Chief Judge Abdulla Saeed or Judge Ali Hameed. Speaking at the PPM press conference, the PPM Vice President openly criticized the Supreme Court judges and alleged corruption against Abdulla Saeed.
Police has removed the banner calling to implement the Supreme Court ruling installed at the artificial beach by the opposition supporters. When it was removed, another new one was installed.
Vice President of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, has said that we cannot stand by and watch the Chief Judge, Abdulla Saeed's influence destroy the country.

Supreme Court cannot do whatever it wants to the country. We will not let it happen.

President says he sent the letter to Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed in reference to Article 115 (a) and (c) of the Constitution.
President send a letter to the Chief Justice, asking that he act without rendering other institutions powerless.
Police say they were denied the opportunity to question former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom regarding an ongoing investigation when they when to his residence.
Military officers have started patrolling around the Supreme Court.

This all, now, is all for the personal gain of Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed.

Attorney Hussain Shameem requests PG Office to release Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Faris Maumoon.

Corruption investigations shouldn't be run against just select people.Zaidhul Ameen's allegations against Judge Ali Hameed should also be investigated. Why isn't this being investigated?

Deputy leader of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla says the lower courts have been rendered powerless.
Dhangethi MP Ilham Ahmed appeals to relevant State authorities to enforce the Supreme Court order as soon as possible.

I see the justice system working again.

Coordinator at Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Hisham Ahmed has resigned from his post. He handed in his resignation this Monday.

Give me whatever punishment for criticizing the Supreme Court.You cannot punish me.

Dhangethi MP Ilham Ahmed released from police custody.
Criminal Court rules there's no reason for MP Abdulla Sinan to be kept detained.
Criminal Court orders release of South Machangolhi MP Abdulla Sinan.
Opposition MPs and supporters gathered near Supreme Court demand the court's order be implemented.
Police use pepper spray on some of the opposition MPs protesting near Supreme Court.
Opposition parliamentarians and support gather near Supreme Court.
Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) says the Supreme Court did not ask for assistance from the Indian government to enforce its order.
President asked in his third letter to revoke the Supreme Court's decision to terminate the arrest warrant for Hassan Saeed, Judicial Administrator at DJA. He said the order to free Saeed has hindered the police investigation into the bribery case against him, and was also an obstruction to the execution of the duties bestowed upon him by the Constitution as the President.
President also expressed concern over lack of response by Supreme Court over the issues submitted to the Supreme Court by the Prosecutor General's Office over the Supreme Court order.
President has expressed concern over the Supreme Court decision to overrule the Criminal Court arrest warrant for Hassan Saeed, a Judicial Administrator at the Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) over a bribery case.
President wrote in the letters that the Supreme Court order has created confusion over the running of the State, and poses a national security threat.
The President has requested the Supreme Court order be revoked based on three points: - The PG has advised the Supreme Court order cannot be implemented within the rule of law. - Implementing the Supreme Court order may render the government powerless. - The order should be revised so it does not render Judicial Services powerless. He also notes some legal issues with the Supreme Court order, and that it calls for criminals to be released before serving their sentences.
The Maldivian judiciary does not accommodate a lower court holding a retrial over a case the Supreme Court has already made a judgement on, says Azima Shakoor.
All three letters were sent with the power bestowed upon President Yameen as the Head of State and the Constitution, to seek a solution to the current issue, says Azima Shakoor.
President Yameen sends three letters to the Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed regarding the Supreme Court order. The letters say implementing the Supreme Court order may render the Constitution useless.
Minister of Legal Affairs at President's Office, Azima Shakoor holds press conference on behalf of the government.
Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom asks authorities to investigate threats issued by a group of individuals waving knifes near his residence.
South Machangolhi MP Abdulla Sinan and Dhangethi MP Ilham Ahmed taken to Criminal Court for remand hearing. Opposition supporters have gathered in the area. Police have started dispersing the crowd.
Maldives Police Service issues statement it is standing strong and brave in defense of the country's peace and security.
Leader of Jumhoory Party, Qasim Ibrahim condemns comment by JP member Umar Naseer that former President Mohamed Nasheed must be imprisoned.
Opposition rally near the MDP campaign hall was ended at midnight. While many people took part in the rally, they say they will be gathering against tomorrow night.
DJA Spokesperson, Faisal Adam, advises not to create confusion among the public.

Especially jeopardizing the (people's) trust with the Supreme Court, that against the law of desecrating the court. And so the people responsible for such actions will have actions taken against them by the court within the law.


(DJA) is saddened by the actions of some (people) to create doubt among the people.

DJA Spokesperson, Faisal Adam: We are providing information on the Judiciary through the DJA website, Supreme Court website and the official twitter account of the DJA. So any information we want to share would not go through any other route.
PPM function at their Rumaalu 2 campaign hall with PPM MPs, cabinet ministers and a large number of supporters, has ended. Speakers at the event had criticized the Chief Judge and the judges of the Supreme Court.
Economic Minister has taken to Twitter saying that "tonight’s rally in support of the government and President Yameen".
MP for North-Henveiru constituency, Abdulla Shaahid has said that security forces are not people just to use pepper spray and the government has destroyed the trust the people put in them.
MP for Addu-Meedhoo constituency, Rozaina Adam has said that with God's Will, all the political leaders will be free and former President Nasheed will return.
Opposition supporters are still near the MDP campaign hall, calling for the Supreme Court ruling issued last Thursday to be put in effect.
Nihan said that what is important for President Yameen is the people and would not resign even if he was shot with live rounds.
Leader of the PPM Parliamentary Group, Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik, has said that he wasn't with the PPM MPs on the night the court order was released because he was in Colombo on treatment for his youngest child.
Fazul said that the opposition leaders were lazy and could not use the opportunity to show that they are better in serving the people.
Managing Director of MWSC, Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed has said that the results will be in the vote and it would show that the people are with the government.
Moosa has thanked the security forces for their role in maintaining the peace in the country.
Reeko Moosa has said that President Yameen is the most courageous president the country has ever seen and reviewing a court order is a responsibility of the president.

This is the time to raise the nation's flag. This is the time to defend the nation's sovereignty.

Department of Judicial Administration has said that the court order circulated on social media that says the Supreme Court has allegedly passed to arrest the Attorney General, is false.

Impeaching the President, only the Parliament has that power. Even the Supreme Court does not have that power.

MP for South Maafannu constituency, Abdulla Rifaau (Bochey) has said that there is nothing anyone can do by bringing in a foreign army. And the Maldivian people will rise up to defence the Islamic faith and the country.
Economic Minister, Saeed, has compared President Yameen to Mohamed Thakurufaanu as a national hero.

Country is the Mother. Putting the country in debt and robbing the country's goods is biting the Mother all over.

CEO of MPL, Ibrahim Abdul-Razzaq Haleem has said that they would elect President Yameen for a second term and would not allow anyone to destroy the country.
While a large number of people have gathered for the PPM event, police have closed off Koimalaa Hingun, the road on which the venue is located. The Rumaalu 2 campaign hall has been filled and people are out on the road as well.
PPM has begun their event at their Rumaalu 2 hall. Their event focuses on displaying the support for President Yameen.
Opposition rally started near MDP campaign hall. A large number of people are carrying flag calling to implement the Supreme Court ruling.
Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has said that they would remain strong in fulfilling their duties to protect the constitutional government of the Maldives.
Supreme Court ordered the Criminal Court to submit all the documents related to the Judicial Administrator to be submitted at the Supreme Court by 7 p.m.
Supreme Court has overruled the court order to arrest the Judicial Administartor, Hassan Saeed.
Supreme Court has issued a statement saying that there is no legal obstruction to execute the Supreme Court's Court Order no: 2018/SC-SJ/01.
Coordinator at the Youth Ministry, Ibrahim Ismail said that the PPM youth protest was very peaceful and thanked the security forces for the support to the rally. He said that such a rally will be held if a group of people attempt to disrupt the peace in the city.
An announcement has been made ending the rally as the prayer time is close.
Protesters are calling for resignation of the Chief Judge, Abdulla Saeed and to put an end to the threats against the Supreme Court Judges.
Protesters have attempted to breach through the barricade at the junction of Orchid Magu and Aaburuzu Magu and go towards the Supreme Court but the SO officers have pushed them back behind the line.
President of the PPM Youth Wing said that the rally near the Supreme Court is a protest against influencing judges.
PPM supporters near the Supreme Court has been pushed back to the Fareedhee Magu junction. Police have closed the area down. Protesters are using megaphones.
Police have started pushing back the PPM supporters near the Suprem Court calling to put an end to threats against judges.
A group of PPM supporters have gathered near the Supreme Court calling for the resignation of the Chief Judge.
Criminal Court has released Aminath Naadhira, who was arrested at the protest rally last night near Salsa Royal Restaurant.
Youth motorcycle ride begins in Hulhumale' show support for President Yameen.
Velana International Airport has been closed their runway to make a repair. Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) said that the runway will be closed until 5 p.m. A number of flights are currently being diverted.
Former Attorney General during the Nasheed presidency and current lawyer, Husnu Suood, has said that only the Parliament has the power to impeach the President.
Vice President Abdulla Jihad says he stands with President Yameen. Speaking in an interview to PSM, Jihad said the government cannot be overthrown through a coup. He appealed to the people to maintain rule of law and peace in the country.

I stand with President Yameen.

Joint parliamentary group of the opposition holding a meeting at MDP office.
North Machangolhi MP Mariya Ahmed Didi says the opposition's joint parliamentary group has made submissions to the Majlis to: - Hold told Majlis sessions as per Majlis's standing order - Submit no-confidence motions of those acting ultra-virus outside the scope of the powers granted to them by the law.
South Machangolhi MP Abdulla Sinan and Dhangethi MP Ilham Ahmed detained upon arrival to Maldives.
Deputy Secretary-General of Majlis, Fathimath Niusha refutes rumors she has resigned from her post.
Security forces have held a ceremony to renew their vows. The vows were delivered by Chief of Defense Force, Major-General Ahmed Shiyam.
Hinnavaru MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) says every day that goes by without holding a Majlis sitting is unlawful.
Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed arrives at Supreme Court.
South Galolhu MP Ahmed Mahloof says the opposition MPs entered the Majlis premises with permission, as SO officers disperse the crowd.
Opposition parliamentarians end their meeting inside the Majlis. Hinnavaru MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) says the opposition parliamentarians have filed a complaint over failure to start Majlis sittings as in the Majlis regulation. SO officers are dispersing the opposition MPs from the Majlis area.
SO police officers interrupt the press conference by the opposition in front of the People's Majlis.
SO police officers arrive at People's Majlis.
Maduvvari MP Mohamed Ameeth says there is no obstacle to entering the Majlis premises.
Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain says he faced no obstacle entering the Majlis premises. He says the military officers have not manhandled them, though they have formed a line outside the Majlis. MP Ali Hussain says administrative work is being carried out inside the Majlis.
Military officers who entered the People's Majlis premises exit and form a line outside the gate.
Large number of military officers with shields enter the People's Majlis campaign.
South Galolhu MP Ahmed Mahloof and Kendhoo MP Ali Hussain have also entered the Majlis premises.
Those who entered the People's Majlis compound include former Speaker at People's Majlis - North Henveyru MP Abdulla Shahid, Addu-Meedhoo MP Rozaina Adam, North Kulhudhuffushi MP Abdul Gafoor Moosa.
Some MPs have jumped over the wall to enter the People's Majlis premises.
Secretary-General of People's Majlis, Ahmed Mohamed has resigned.
Police refused to escort Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Faris Maumoon to court this Sunday.
This Sunday's hearing in the bribery trial of Dhiggaru MP Ahmed Faris Maumoon, scheduled for 10 am at Criminal Court, has been cancelled.

I call on relevant State authorities to shut down RajjeTV immediately.


Only People's Majlis has the authority to dismiss the President.


This is not just Mohamed Nasheed's, Qasim Ibrahim's or Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's country.

Deputy leader of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla expresses support for AG Mohamed Anil's decision.
AG Mohamed Anil instructs the police and military not to obey a Supreme Court order for President's dismissal.
AG Mohamed Anil says the Supreme Court has no authority over the dismissal of President.

We expect the Supreme Court may issue an order for President Yameen's dismissal today.


There are some legal issues that arise when you order the release of someone without an acquittal. The Prosecutor General has filed these issues with the Supreme Court.

Police, military and AG starts press conference on behalf of the State.

Our investigation has uncovered documented evidence both Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Judge Ali Hameed made transactions to purchase an apartment constructed under the housing project.

Maldives Police Service announces its looking for Chief Judicial Administrator Hassan Saeed under a court order.
Two police officers have exited the residence of the Judicial Administrator, while more remain inside.
Police enter the residence of Department of Judicial Administration's Judicial Administrator, Hassan Saeed's residence, H. Nishan Plaza.
Opposition protest has ended with the announcement it will continue again on Sunday night. South Galolhu MP Ahmed Mahloof announced he has some good news which he will share at Sunday night's protest.
Secretary-General of PPM, Dr. Abdulla Khaleel says Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed had a different signature on the SC order.
PPM asks police to investigate allegations Supreme Court Ali Hameed was bribed and influenced by former Maldivian President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. The case was submitted after comments made by former Male' City councilor Zaidhul Ameen in an interview to Chanel 13. Zaidhul Ameen alleged Maumoon influenced Judge Ali Hameed to commit illegal acts.
Four people at the opposition protest near Salsa Royal in orchid Magu of Male' City have been rushed to the hospital on ambulances. Police have also arrested a number of protesters.
SunTV's cameraman, Hussain Shayaah has been admitted at ADK Hospital with breathing difficulties after getting pepper sprayed in the face. Shayaah was covering the protest outside Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed's residence when a group of SO charged at him and tackled him to the ground before using the pepper spray directly on his face. The SO officers also walked over his back after tackling him to the ground. Shayaah had showed the media pass around his neck when the officers charged at him. He did nothing illegal, even when attacked by the officers.

I have made numerous attempts to contact the Chief Justice. But have been unable to reach him.

Delay in enforcement of Supreme Court order due to delay in submission of motion to the court over solution to legal barriers, says AG Mohamed Anil.
Crowd gathered near Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed's residence has been dispersed by SO officers.
Maldives Police Service says it does not have the Chief Justice in custody.

We know how to work the parliament, even if we don't have the majority.

Deputy leader of PPM parliamentary group, Riyaz Rasheed says neither PPM nor the government has held any discussions to remove any judges from Supreme Court or any other court.
Police say the Twitter account of DCP Abdulla Nawaz - who is now in charge of Maldives Police Service - has been hacked.
Commissioner of Prisons of Maldives Correctional Service, Ahmed Shihan - who was on vacation - has returned to Male' City.
A large number of military officers with shields are preparing to board a ship in front of the Coast Guard headquarters in Male' City. The officers were seen by "Sun"s journalists.
Opposition supporters are holding a protest near K. Maafushi Prison. Protesters are calling for the enforcement of the Supreme Court order and release of political leaders from prison.
People of Sh. Funadhoo have gathered at the Funadhoo Harbor to show support for President Yameen. President of Funadhoo Council, Ahmed Ibrahim Fulhu said President Yameen had been the one to realize an age-old dream the people of the island had.
President Yameen criticizes appeal by the opposition for people living in the atolls to join protests in Male' City.

If you want to feed the people living in the atolls, why don't you go to them with money.


I get my courage from the people.


You are considered wealthy when you finish paying back the debt owed to the State.

President Yameen says former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor lacks humanity.

He has done much wrong in this world.Ahmed Adeeb is someone who has done much wrong.

President Yameen says he is not one to hide during difficult times.

I, President Yameen, am not one to leave the people and flee during times of difficulty.

President Yameen says if he has done anything wrong, he will identify it and correct it.

My appeal is for the people of Maldives. An appeal to law enforcement agencies. We need to believe, still, that the highest State authority is the President.

President Yameen says he isn't scared of tackling the current situation head-on, and that he will find out how the current situation took place.

This is not an easy time. We need to put the nation first.

President Yameen says he is officially launching his campaign for Presidential Election 2018.
President Yameen says there has never been a more trying five-year-term in the history of the country.

We didn't organize this rally.You are here because you support me and my administration.


I was elected by the people. Therefore we must remain in service to the people.

President Yameen urges his supporters to continue supporting him and First Lady Fathimath Ibrahim.

Current situation calls for every action to be given thought.And as I take action with consideration, the support for me and my administration has not wavered.


We are working on enforcing the Supreme Court order without letting it affect the people.My administration will continue.


We weren't expecting the Supreme Court order.But the work of Supreme Court, the highest authority for justice, is going well. We are working together with the Supreme Court judges.


I have had to work really hard this weekend.

President Yameen is addressing the people participating in the rally.
Cabinet ministers and PPM parliamentarians are taking part in the rally.
President Yameen joins rally by PPM Youth Wing. The rally has attracted a large crowd of people.
PPM holds rally in Male' City to show support for President Yameen.
Home Minister, Azleen Ahmed says the rights of all cannot be sacrificed to safeguard the rights of one or two.

No woman should fall for the opposition's ploy and join demonstrations. The current administration was the one that cared for women and empowered women.

Secretary-General at People’s Majlis, Ahmed Mohamed says court order issued by Supreme Court on Thursday regarding the policy for removal of MPs who switch political parties is very clear, the MPs who Elections Commissions declared as deposed no longer have any barrier to attending People’s Majlis sittings.
The first People's Majlis sitting of the year, scheduled for coming Monday, has been cancelled for security reasons.
Head of K. Maafushi Prison, Director of Prisons, Salman Rasheed has resigned from his post.
PPM's youth wing, during its press conference on Saturday afternoon calls the opposition to stop hassling the government.
Superintendent of Police, Mohamed Jamsheed has been appointed Head of Police Intelligence.
Ahmed Saudhy has been terminated from his post as Deputy Commissioner of Police, and Abdulla Nawaz has been promoted from his post as Assistant Commissioner of Police to Deputy Commissioner of Police and put in charge of Maldives Police Service. The decision was made by President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom in accordance with the power bestowed upon him under Police Act.
Government coalition ends its first press conference of the day. Press conferences are scheduled to be held every two hours.
The opposition knows they cannot beat President Yameen in a free and fair election and want to overthrow his administration mid-term, says Deputy Leader of PPM, Abdul Raheem.
MD of Fenaka, Shareef says the company has received threats a Fenaka powerhouse in an island and a MRDC site may be torched. The information has been shared with the authorities, says Shareef.
Abdul Raheem says President Yameen needs to research the Supreme Court order. He noted that the court order mentions the release of people sentenced, while ignoring the names of some people sentenced for the same crimes.
Abdul Raheem said the current administration wasn't doing anything to hinder the enforcement of the Supreme Court order. He said the State was following procedure to enforce the order. He said President Yameen was in good health, and holding steadfast.
Deputy Leader of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla says those behind the current riots were hidden, while every disadvantage is suffered by the young men and women participating in the riots and the general population.
Youth Minister Iruthisham Adam says the Supreme Court order will not affect any service to the youth. He says President Yameen followed the rule of law.
Education Minister Dr. Aishath Shiham says the nation was proud of the wisdom entertained by President Yameen during this trying time. She expressed confidence all State services will go uninterrupted.
Managing Director of MWSC, Fazul Rasheed says he guarantees services to the public by the company will go uninterrupted. He says MWSC's housing units under the State housing project - Hiyaa - will also go uninterrupted.
CEO of Maldives Ports Limited, Ibrahims Abdul Razzaq Haleem says public services provided by all State companies will go uninterrupted. He appealed to employees working at State companies not to join opposition activities.
Managing Director of Fenaka Corporation, Ahmed Shareef says authorities have received intel State facilities for public services may be targeted. He advised the public to be keep an eye out on safeguarding such facilities.
PPM's Secretary-General, MP Dr. Abdulla Khaleel says his constituents, and the people in general, are with President Yameen. He says the opposition will not succeed in their efforts to create turmoil and stop the current administration.
Health Minister Nazim says relevant State institutions are following the procedure involved in enforcing the Supreme Court order, and that it has been shared with international parties.
Health Minister Nazim says the people have proven lack of support for any action designed to create turmoil within the community. He says President Yameen is standing steadfast in performing the duties bestowed upon him by the people. He expressed confidence the State's services will go uninterrupted.
Deputy Leader of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA), Ali Mauroof says the current administration was established for the welfare and progress of the people. He says President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's administration is standing strong.
Government coalition begins press conference.
Former President Mohamed Nasheed warns those who obstruct the Supreme Court order may face international penalties.
The registrar said that according to the Criminal Procedure Code, a writ of habeas corpus was only applicable where there is question over the legality of an arrest. But that the Criminal Court has made its decision not accept the request as there is no such room for debate in the cases in question.
The registrar also said in his decision that the order by Supreme Court was issued in reference to articles 141 and 145 of the Constitution, as the highest State authority for establishing justice, and that a lower court must not take any action which can open any aspect of the decision up for debate. He said accepting the request for a writ of habeas corpus may delay enforcement of the Supreme Court order.
Criminal Court's registrar, Mohamed Ibrahim cited in his decision to reject the request for a writ of habeas corpus that decisions over the sentences against the political leaders have already been made by the highest court.
Criminal Court has rejected the request for a writ of habeas corpus filed on behalf of the opposition political leaders for failure to enforce the Supreme Court order to release the political leaders from prison.
A police officer has attacked a reporter working for "Sun" with a baton.
Sun TV camera-person, Ismail Adam, covering the protest near the Prosecutor General's Office, has been pepper sprayed. He said that he was sprayed at close range towards his right eye. Although pepper sprayed, he did not do anything illegal.
Instead of pushing back the protesters near the Prosecutor General's Office, police have pushed back the journalists in the area.
Journalists covering the protest near the Prosecutor General's Office has been pushed back significantly. Although the SO officers have pushed back the journalists, none of them have done anything illegal.
MP for Kendhoo constituency, Ali Hussain has been pepper sprayed near the Prosecutor General's Office.
PPM has called to the people in the atolls not to come to the capital.
Police have taken away the Raajje TV photojournalist, Mohamed Sharuhan, while he was in front of the Prosecutor General's Office, and pepper sprayed him.
Police have deployed pepper spray to the people gathered near the Prosecutor General's Office.
A young man has been arrested after threatening protesters near the Prosecutor General's Office. The man went into the rally on a motorcycle.
Vice President of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, has said that PPM will be very active tomorrow as well with a press conference every two hours starting from 11 a.m.
PPM holds press conference with heads of public companies. Attending the press conference, the Managing Director of FENAKA Corporation, Ahmed Shareef, said that all public companies are behind President Yameen and assured that the services provided by the public companies would continue uninterrupted at this critical time.
Spokesperson of the President's Office, Ibrahim Muaz Ali, has said that the President remains resolved to fulfill the duties the Maldivian people tasked him with. And the rumors that says otherwise is a low attempt to create public fear and panic.
MP Mahloof has called on the police and defence force to hold discussion to reach a solution.

Supreme Court ruling will be enforced by the police and the correctional service.

Opposition supporters have gathered near the Male' Jail.

Maldivian people remain confident. Do not worry at all.

Youth Minister, Iruthisham, has said that the President Yameen remains firm and courageous and would not relieve his office.

Constitution does not allow handing over power from one institute to another.

Vice President of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, has denied the rumors that President Yameen is about to leave the country.

The order from the Supreme Court is clear on the release of the nine people.


We are making a challenge when we say the government nor any institution can remain without implementing the order.


Commissioner Areef was dismissed because he started implementing the Supreme Court order.

Riyaz said that the nine people mention in the order from the Supreme Court should not be in detention today.

Cannot run the country without obeying the Supreme Court ruling.

Opposition calls on international aid in implementing the Supreme Court order.

We are calling to the police and the defence force, tonight as well, to implement the Supreme Court order or may have to face a trial.

Opposition press conference has started.
A habeas corpus has been filed at the Criminal Court asking for the release of Ahmed Amir (Laamu Dhambidhoo) who was sentenced under the same accords as the former Vice President, Ahmed Adheeb Abdul Gafoor.
Talking on PSM, the Youth Minister, Iruthisham Adam, has said that overthrowing the government via a coup d'etat would not be acceptable.
PPM Vice President, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, has raised concerns about the oppositions talking about bringing in an army from abroad saying that the government would not give that opportunity.
Housing Minister, Dr. Muizzu has said that President Yameen is a person that sincerely fulfills his responsibilities according to the Constitution.
MP Evaa Abdulla has said that the opposition would enter the first parliament session of the year with all 12 MPs have been declared that they did not lose their parliamentarian seats. She challenged the President to make his address.
Meeting floor has been opened for the MDP council members to debate the resolution. The duration of the meeting was set before it began, to be one hour.
Leading the MDP national council meeting is the Chairperson, Hassan Latheef.
MDP national council has begun a meeting to pass a resolution to call as many people to the capital ensure that the Supreme Court order passed last night will be implemented.
Prosecutor General's Office has said that they are working to file the administrative and legal papers with the Supreme Court following the court order last night.
Vice President of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla said that the MPs of PPM along with the cabinet ministers and the Vice President remain united with President Yameen.

Our party has no uneasiness. Members of the parliamentary group are united.

Leader of the PPM Parliamentary Group, Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik, has said that PPM is always a law abiding political party that obeys the courts.
Prosecutor General's Office has said that they are working to submit the legal matters in relation to the Supreme Court ruling last night.
Lawyer Hussain Shameem said that the cases are of the nine people ordered to be released by the Supreme Court.
Department of Judicial Administration has said that the Supreme Court ruling last night was formed with the unanimous decision of five Judges and so must be followed.

Faaris Maumoon's case and of those in the custody of the Correctional Service have been filed at the Criminal Court.

Lawyer Hussain Shameem has said that every moment with the Supreme Court ruling remain unimplemented, it is a crime.
Lawyer, Hussan Shameem, has said that he does not believe that the Supreme Court have to discuss with the Attorney General.

Habeas Corpus has been filed at the Criminal Court. A hearing will hopefully be held tonight.


Attorney General is outside the Constitution.

Anil said that they include those convicted of terrorism and people with ongoing trials. He said that the Chief Judge advised to follow due process.
Attorney General, Anil, said that the government discussed because the order calls for the release of people convicted of major crimes.
Attorney General, Anil, said that the main point of discussion with the Chief Judge was point no. 5 of the order from the Supreme Court; the one regarding the freeing of political figures.

Jumhooree Party Leader, Qasim Ibrahim and former President Mohamed Nasheed won't be returning to the country any time soon.


The government requests peace and support for the government work.

Two people have been arrested near the MDP campaign hall.
Attorney General, Anil, has said that the Chief Judge of the state has advised him to carry out the Supreme Court order within the due process and the Police are on it.

(I have) met with the Chief Judge and discussed the legal matters on the (court) order.

Police have arrested a person near the MDP campaign hall and taken him away on a police vehicle.
Health Minister, Nazim, said that this is an important phase to get through to winning the Presidential Election.
Speaking on PSM, the Health Minister, Abdulla Nazim, has said that this is not the first test for President Yameen.
Mauroof said that we have to learn from the past and there are lessons in the pasts of the political parties in the opposition coalition.
Speaking of PSM, the Deputy Leader of MDA, Ali Mauroof, has said that the Constitution does not allow any political party to overthrow a constitutional government by taking to the streets. He thanked the efforts by the police and the defence force saying that they are working for the rights of the people.
A government press conference is set to begin soon.
Tourism Minister, Moosa Zameer, has called to the PPM members in the atolls not to worry.

(Supreme Court) ruling would not bring changes to running the government.

PPM Vice President said that neither a cabinet member nor a member of the PPM Parliamentary Group would contact the MP for South Galolhu constituency, Ahmed Mahloof to discuss anything.
Abdul Raheem Abdulla said that the opposition coalition will have the majority at the parliament only when the parliament goes on break.

there is not really anything they can do in the parliament. PPM MPs are united.

The PPM Vice President has said that there is nothing to say about the Supreme Court ruling.

Waiting for word from the Attorney General.


(We) have the guarantee that the Police and the defence force will act within the law. No one can influence them.


No minister of the cabinet is going to resign. All the ministers are united to continue the government's development projects.

Fisheries Minister, Dr. Mohamed Shainee has said that the law will catch up to those who are charging ahead.

What is happening is a group of people are envious of development.

Vice President of PPM and MP for Fonadhoo constituency, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, has said that the government remains firm. He said that the events unfolding in the country now are led by the group of people filled with greed for power.

MDA will always be with the constituted government, with PPM. The coalition is strong.

PPM press conference underway including a number of cabinet Ministers on the PPM Council.
India has called to the Maldivian government to implement the Supreme Court ruling passed last night to free nine political figures. In a statement from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the Indian government that "it is imperative for all organs of the Government of Maldives to respect and abide by the order of the apex court."
Maldives Police Service has said that an officer hit by a stone in the police operation last night is being treated at ADK Hospital. The injured is Sargent Assad Abdul Muhusin, who sustained a subdural hematoma according to the police.
The unofficial translation of the Supreme Court ruling passed last night.
Following the Supreme Court ruling last night, former Vice President, Ahmed Adheeb has been transferred from Dhoonidhoo jail to Maafushi prison. Adheeb's lawyer, Moosa Siraj, said that the former Vice President's family has been notified of the transfer. And when asked as to why the transfer took place, the answer remains that they do not know. Adheeb is one of the people mentioned in the Supreme Court ruling passed last night ordering the freedom of the political leaders.
Hisaan Hussain, the legal attorney for the former President Mohamed Nasheed and JP Leader Qasim Ibrahim, has said that the Attorney General, Anil, and the state are taking hostages. Hisaan made the remarks while noting that the state is not following the court's ruling to free the political leaders. He said that disobeying the ruling is a criminal act.
Opposition coalition: Will we stop after the Supreme Court ruling has been implemented.
Opposition coalition calls on state institutes not to obstruct the release of political figures.

Supreme Court's ruling has been received, procedures are in motion to implement it.

Fire set to taxi parked on Buruzu Magu near Kalaafaanu School. The fire was quickly extinguished by the combined effort of the police and the fire and rescue service of the MNDF.
Police continue to push back the rally at the Artificial Beach area.

Will take all measures to ensure the public safety.

Opposition supporters have gathered on Boduthakurufaanu Magu near the Artificial Beach.

Supreme Court's order has been received. Procedures are being completed to implement it under legal advice.


We are ready to file suit against those obstructing the execution of the Supreme Court order.

Opposition: Attorney General's negligence caused the country to fall to it's current state. The President was not what the people hoped for. We stand firmly with the people.
Opposition MPs: No obstruction to being the work of the parliament on the day the session opens. Requests Speaker Maseeh to allow it.
Media personnel and others are being pushed back from the area around the MDP campaign hall.
MP Musthafa: Our first order of business is to impeach the Attorney General, Anil.
MP Ameeth calls not to obstruct the efforts to fulfill the constitutional obligation inside the parliament.
Mohamed Nadheem, the son-in-law of the former President, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, has been released. He was arrested earlier tonight charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government.
Police have entered the MDP campaign hall and started arresting people disobeying their orders.
Police have started pushing back the people near the MDP campaign hall after deploying tear gas in the crowd.
Housing Minister, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu taken to twitter saying that President Yameen will be successful in his efforts for the religion and the country with the full support of the public.
Police have deployed tear gas towards the people near the MDP campaign hall.
The Supreme Court decision to release all political leaders was made with the unanimous vote of all five judges of the court.
Police in riot gear has arrived near the MDP campaign hall.
Police are active near the BML on Boduthakurufaanu Magu in riot gear.
Vice President of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla has said that President Yameen would not leave the country behind and go abroad.
Authorities have closed off the areas around the Republic Square and President's Office.
Police: The acting head of the Maldives Police is the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Saudhy.
Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has congratulated the opposition leaders following the Supreme Court ruling to free all political leaders.
MP for Velidhoo constituency, Yameen Rasheed has said that with God's Will this government would remain firm.
The Supreme Court ruling does not order the release of the former head of MNDF ordnance, Ahmed Fayaz Ali Riza and the former Managing Director of the MMPRC, Abdulla Ziyath.
Economic Minister, Saeed has said that President Yameen remains steadfast with mercy of God.
Secretary General of PPM, Abdulla Khaleel has said that he would stand with defence of President Yameen and the Maldivian even stronger.
Attorney General, Mohamed Anil has said that the President's attempts to contact the Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Areef had been unsuccessful.
Ex-President, Mohamed Nasheed has said that he would be returning to the Maldives.
Defence Minister, Adam Shareef Umaru has said that the Supreme Court ruling has things the Maldivian government needs to think about.
Defence Minister, Adam Shareef Umaru has said that this is a moment to work with peace and harmony.
Deputy Commissioner, Ahmed Saudee has been appointed by the acting Commissioner of the Maldives Police Service by President Yameen.
Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Areef has been dismissed from the position.
Attorney General: A document that appears to be a Supreme Court ruling has been received and is being validated.
Defence Minister, Adam Shareef has said that the government will obey the Supreme Court ruling.
Sources say that the Correctional Service has started processing the political leaders in their custody. They are to be released sometime tonight according to sources.
Vice President of PPM, Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) has said that he is firmly behind President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.
State press conference is getting set at the MNDF.
Maldives Police Service has said that they would implement the Supreme Court ruling. The official twitter account of the police tweeted that Commissioner of Police and the Deputy Commissioner of Police have agreed to execute the order after seeking legal advice.
Court order: Judiciary cannot investigate into Supreme Court judges The order from the Supreme Court tonight said that the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) cannot conduct any form of investigation on any judges of the Supreme Court.
Court order: Judges cannot be appointed without Supreme Court permission The Order from the Supreme Court tonight made some decisions on the judicial level as well. And so the with the appointment of judges falling under the responsibilities of the Supreme Court, the court said that no lower court can appoint judges without the permission of the Supreme Court.
Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has called to the national defence force and the police to respect the Supreme Court ruling and execute the order. Maumoon tweeted moments ago saying that the court order is very clear and there is no debate and must be implemented.
Majority Leader, Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik tweeted moments ago saying that he remains steadfast with President Yameen.
Following the Supreme Court ruling, JP Leader, Qasim Ibrahim said that the rights of the people guaranteed by the Constitution has been secured and thanked the Supreme Court for their decision which would lift the political deadlock on the country.