Import, sale of eggs stained with feces banned in Maldives

Ministry of Health has banned import and sale of eggs stained with feces and other contaminants in Maldives.

Ministry of Health issued a statement this Monday that eggs and egg products imported and distributed in Maldives must uphold the national labelling standard for processed goods.

The ministry announced fresh, unprocessed or untreated chicken eggs should be stored at 5 Degree Celsius for no more than three to five weeks. The authority said eggs cannot be stored without compromising its quality for any longer without additional treatment.

The ministry said eggs stored for longer than the standard period without any treatment was being distributed in the Maldives.

“It has also been noted chicken eggs with feces and other contaminants at the outer shell are being imported into Maldives. This can potentially harm the public health,” said ministry of health in its statement.

The ministry announced that businesses therefore needed papers stating the processes the product has undergone to extend its shelf life from food safety authorities of the country of origin for all chicken eggs imported into the country with a shelf life of more than five weeks, staring from January 15, 2018.

“And we publicly announce that as per standard practice, health clearance for eggs and egg products imported into the country will be issued after both the certificate of origin and health certificate is submitted,” said the ministry in its statement.

The statement comes after recent complaints over quality of eggs imported into the country.