“Usay Dhorun Dhorah” coming to SunTV, Sun Play

Sun Media has signed a contract with popular local comedian and director Yoosuf Rafeeu (Usay) to produce television show “Usay Dhorun Dhorah”.

“Usay Dhorun Dhorah” was launched in a function held at Sun Media headquarters this Thursday morning.

Speaking at the launching, CEO of Sun Media, Sinan Ali said the media station was happy to work on another major project with Usay. He said working with someone the likes of Usay was a huge achievement to Sun Media.

Sinan said that while Usay will be presenting the show, all technical work will be carried out by the staff of Sun Media. He said the project was a great opportunity for growth and development of the company’s staff.

“This is again a very happy beginning. This show by Sun Media and Usay will be popular among viewers. Sun has worked with Usay previously in successfully broadcasting his “Dhiriulhumakee Meeba” show. The show was notably very popular among viewers,” said Sinan.

Usay’s “Dhiriulhumakee Meeba” show was broadcasted exclusively by SunTV during Ramadan of 2017. Episodes of the show were broadcasted by SunTV and uploaded to the video streaming platform Sun Play.

Usay said he was happy to be able to present a whole new show to viewers after years. He said he will be visiting multiple homes for shooting of the new “Usay Shorun Dhorah” show. And warned everyone to be ready for his visits, and a whole new concept.

“I’m thankful to Sun Media for this opportunity. The new show will be very different. The viewers will be treated with what they really want. Be ready everyone! I’ll be going door-to-door very soon!” said Usay.

“Usay Dhorun Dhorah” is a 30-minute weekly show. Each week’s episode can be viewed from Sun Play – the country’s largest video streaming platform.

Sun Media has opened the opportunity for parties who wish to sponsor the new show.