PICK MALDIVES: Photobook to the top international bloggers

PICK MALDIVES has made the decision to send their publication "PICK MALDIVES: Photobook" to the top international social bloggers.

At a special ceremony held at the Head Office of Public Service Media (PSM) this morning, PICK MALDIVES signed a contract with DHL to send the photo book to the top bloggers around the world.

The contract was signed by Founder of Pick Maldives, Riaayath Abdul Majeedh and General Manager of DHL, Mohamed Jihad.

Speaking during the function, Riaayath said the Pick Maldives publication will be sent through DHL to top social bloggers and influential parties around the world.

Riaayath said that DHL is the number one courier service in the world and a value has been added to the project. "I have full confidence in the success of this project", the Pick Maldives Founder said.

Meanwhile, General Manager of DHL, Jihad noted that DHL has full confidence in the project with a reach of 2,500 locations in 230 countries to cater the tourism oriented Maldives.

“PICK MALDIVES: Photobook” is set for release in 2018 at the ITB Fair in Berlin, Germany.