Maldivian student in serious condition following fight in Sri Lanka

Three students have been injured in a fight intiated by a Maldivian student in Sri Lanka.

Maldivian Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Mohamed Hussain Shareef said that the two Maldivian students and a Sri Lankan student were injured in the fight.

Ambassador Shareef said that he received the news after the mother of the student in critical condition called him on the phone.

He said that the attack took place near the Daybridge International School in Dehiwala with the use of a scissor. All three injured students are being treated at the Kalubowila Hospital according to the Ambassador.

All three students are below the age of 18 and the student in critical condition is 17 years old.

Ambassador Shareef said that some students involved in the attack fled the scene and they include Maldivian students.

Sri Lankan authorities are working to find the assailants that fled the scene.