President inaugurates Passport Card; multifunctional features

The President, this Wednesday, inaugurated the Passport Card which has multifunctional features, making Maldives the first country to introduce a multifunctional polycarbonate passport card.

The newly unveiled polycarbonate Passport Card can be used as an ID card and license card.

In addition to being usable for both domestic and international air travel, the Passport Card can be linked to the holders’ account at Bank of Maldives and used to withdraw money from ATMs which accept BML cash cards and MasterCard.

The card can also be linked to insurance plans at Allied Insurance.

The card allows for incorporation of e-services such as e-transport.

The Passport Card is manufactured by German company, Dermalog. The polycarbonate material used to manufacture the card makes it long-lasting, reports Maldives Immigration.

Speaking during the inauguration, Controller of Immigration, Mohamed Anwar said the card was manufactured with exceptional levels of technology and with the highest level of security. Anwar noted the card was multifunctional, and would complement the modern lifestyle of Maldivians.

He said the authority faced a number of challenges introducing the Passport Card.

“A card for money transactions using the material used to make passport cards hadn’t been manufactured anywhere in the world. So we found the task very challenging,” said Anwar.

President Yameen was presented with the first Passport Card at the inauguration.