Channel 13 faced with defamation suit from President Maumoon

Maldives Broadcasting Commission has started an investigation into the TV station, Channel 13, following allegations of defamatory content against the former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

After attending the Broadcasting Commission, the Chief Legal Adviser of Channel 13, the MP for Velidhoo constituency, Abdulla Yaamin said that the Commission is investigating a baseless claim and the program in question is presented to create political awareness.

He said that the program advises people not to commit defamatory actions and something a person has done can be described by showing it and so there's no problem with the content.

Acting-CEO of Channel 13, Hassan Ghassaan said that the station has not shown any defamatory content against President Maumoon and he is a distinguished figure.

On 9 July, a program on Channel 13 "Naanaa Huvafen", included defamatory cartoons made by people during Maumoon's presidency; following which a number of Maumoon's supporters have criticized the TV station on social media and called to the authorities to impose the anti-defamation law.

The Broadcasting Commission responded that they are investigating the case, details of which would be released after the investigation is complete.