PPM welcomes mass suspension of lawyers

Department of Judicial Administration was right to suspend the 54 lawyers and we welcome the decision, says ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM).

Speaking during a press conference at PPM headquarters this Tuesday, Deputy Leader of PPM, Fonadhoo MP Abdul Raheem Abdulla said relevant State institutions needed to mete necessary penalties to address violations of the law.

“This party believes there’s grounds for the penalty. We believe Supreme Court will make its decisions after extensive assessment, taking into account every aspect,” said Abdul Raheem.

Abdul Raheem said PPM welcomed and appreciated the justice system of the Maldives, and said that “PPM is a party which promotes abidance to law and regulations at all times.”

Spokesperson at PPM, Kelaa MP Ali Arif said professionals needed to be penalized for violations of the law, even if they be 200 lawyers.

PPM’s Secretary-General, Abdulla Khaleel said in an interview to “Sun” that the leading lawyers among those suspended were “people who obeyed a particular viewpoint, promoted a particular viewpoint.”

“I think to myself whether these people want to override the authority of the Maldivian judiciary or model it as they personally want,” said Abdulla Khaleel.

Khaleel said the decision by DJA had been made for the sake of the nation.

DJA suspended the 54 lawyers for protesting in front of the Supreme Court. The authority claims the lawyers signed an unlawful document.