Police: Mafaz was released after he served his sentence

Mohamed Mafaz Hussain – main suspect in the murder of Nadheem Abdul Raheem (Nadey) was released into the community after he served his sentence, says Maldives Police Service.

Mafaz from G. Shaaraaz in Male’ City has a long criminal record for and was tagged and monitored under the MoniCon Order back when Umar Naseer was Minister of Home Affairs.

The court had ordered him to house arrest pending the outcome of his trial for violating the MoniCon Order, and later sentenced him to prison for the violation.

Many had questioned why Mafaz had been free in the community when he was arrested for Nadheem’s murder.

Addressing the public outcry, MPS said this Sunday that Mafaz was freed in April after he completed his one-year prison sentence for the MoniCon order violation.

Mafaz was arrested 14 days after Nadheem’s murder, on August 11, from G. Jellyfishge in Male’ City. He is a suspect in two cases; Nadheem’s murder and issuing threats.