Car driven in Hulhulé falls into sea

A car being driven at the island of Hulhulé, where Velana International Airport is located, has lost control and fallen into the sea.

The car fell into the sea on the eastern side of the island when the car lost control on the road to Hulhumalé.

Police media official said that a report was made around 11:15 a.m. today following a vehicle being driven at the end of the runway at Velana International fell in to the sea.

"There were two people in the car. No one was injured." The police media official said.

Photos received to Sun Media show a vehicle of Pine Lodge Guesthouse fallen to into the sea with massive damage to the rear bumper.

The police media official said that the car sustained some damage when it went over the large gravel stones and the police is active at the scene to recover the vehicle.

Police is investigating to find the cause of the incident.