Expat nurse dies in treatment for TB

An Indian nurse working at the Gaafu Dhaalu Vaadhoo Health Center has passed away in treatment following a diagnosis for tuberculosis (TB).

The 32-year-old nurse passed away at the Dr. Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital in Gaafu Dhaalu Thinadhoo.

The Assistant Manager at the hospital, Aminath Abdul Hakeem told Sun Media that the Indian woman passed away this morning.

She was diagnosed with TB last Thursday following a screening test.

The nurse was transferred from Vaadhoo Health Center to the Thinadhoo Hospital upon request from the Health Center due to her behavior.

The Assistant Manager of the Thinadhoo Hospital previously said that the nurse was tested for the disease due to her weak state and other symptoms on the first day she started working for the hospital.

Since the disease is highly contagious, the Senior Administrator at the Vaadhoo Health Center, Vishal Saeed said that they have tested if her co-workers and people who she came in contact with contracted the disease.