Movie star Mua arrested in drug case

The coordinator at National Center for the Arts (NCA), local movie star Abdulla Muaz (Mua) has been arrested in a drug-related case.

“Sun” has been informed Mua was arrested at approximately 4:50 am this Saturday, from Ma. Gomashige.

Two other men and two women were arrested along with Mua. The identity of the other suspects arrested is unconfirmed at this point.

Four liquor bottles were recovered from scene of the arrest.

None of this has been officially confirmed by the police as it is an ongoing investigation.

The police media official confirmed Mua has been arrested in connection with such a case, but released no details.

“Sun” has been informed Mua will be taken to Criminal Court for his remand hearing this afternoon. This has not been confirmed by the police.

Mua was recently re-appointed to the post of coordinator at NCA after getting terminated from the same post two years back.