Local ordered to pay back huge sum to Qatar citizen
Justice Building. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Ihuthisham)

Local ordered to pay back huge sum to Qatar citizen

    June 15, 2017 - 8 months 1 weeks ago

Civil Court has ordered a Maldivian man to pay back more than USD 200,000 he and his business partner took as a loan from a Qatar citizen.

The ruling was issued by Civil Court last Tuesday, June 13, against Ibrahim Shafeeq from Palace in H. A. Dhidhdhoo.

The lawsuit was filed by Qatar citizen Al-Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Hassan Ali Al Thani.

He sued Ibrahim Shafeeq for USD 215,000 that Shafeeq and Jilwaz Mahir from Maryland in S. Hithadhoo took as a loan to run a guesthouse in Hulhumale’, and USD 21,500 more in damages and legal fees.

Shafeeq has been ordered to pay back the loan as previously agreed between him and Abdul Aziz. As such, Shafeeq is required to pay monthly installments of minimum USD 5,000 during year one, and monthly installments of minimum USD 12,000 after year one.

The court was unable to deliver Jilwaz’s summons to him.

The court ruled Abdul Aziz had the right to file a separate lawsuit against Jilwaz up until he receives all the money he is due from them.


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