1 arrested after “Pre-Order.mv” scam revealed
A screenshot of the scam Facebook page "Pre-Order.mv".

1 arrested after “Pre-Order.mv” scam revealed

    June 11, 2017 - 8 months 2 weeks ago

Police have arrested one suspect after receiving multiple complaints regarding the Facebook page “Pre-Order.mv” which has been revealed to be a scam.

The Facebook page “Pre-Order.mv” advertises itself as a seller of mobile phones and other electronic products at a cheaper rate. It claims to deliver the products within a short period after payment.

Multiple people who pre-ordered phones from the page reported to “Sun” that they were unable to contact the administrator of the page after they made their payment, and that they never received the products they paid for.

“I pre-ordered a Samsung S8. Said I’ll receive it within 10 days. When I made the payment he sent the copy of an ID card. Said it was a guarantee. No word after that,” said one of the people ripped off by “Pre-Order.mv”.

Some said they got their money back after a lot of days of begging.

“I think it’s most likely he has ripped off a lot of people and is using the money to fund a business. He’ll get a lot of money if he takes it from so many people, right?” said a source investigating the case.

The page is registered in Ministry of Economic Development in the name of Mohamed Naseem. The name in the copy of the ID card sent to customers as a “guarantee” reads “Moosa Nazuhan Naseem”.

Police have made an arrest in the case, but has not yet released the identity of the suspect.

Police spokesperson Ahmed Shifan said the authority received six complaints regarding the page and facilitated the return of the money to the victims of the scam.

Shifan said the case is under investigation.

“Sun” was unable to contact anyone through any of the phone numbers listed on the page.


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