Last updated : 3 years ago

Police: Yamin's killers identified

Live coverage of press conference by Maldives Police Service regarding death of human rights activist and blogger Yamin Rasheed. Yamin, 29, died in hospital in the early hours of April 23, minutes after he was discovered on the stairwell of his residence – M. Spatula in Male’ City – with multiple stab wounds and taken to the hospital.
Police show images of two suspects taken from CCTV footage. The images are blurry. Images show two long haired men.
Nawaz took no questions. Ends press conference.

Identities of the two suspects will be released. Their photos will be released.


The crime was caught on video. The individuals involved have been identified. Work is being carried out to apprehend the individuals seen on video. The footages will be shown after the press conference. Photos will also be shared with media.


A lot of work has been done in this case so far. CCTV footage from the area is being collected and analyzed. Police have searched the crime scene and collected physical evidence. Questioning of relevant individuals and other work is ongoing

Press conference delivered by Head of Crime Investigation Department, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Abdulla Nawaz.