Two former presidents calls for Qasim’s release
(From L-R) Nasheed and Maumoon taking a "selfie" during the AFC Challenge Cup fixture between Maldives and Philippines in 2014 - Sun File Photo: Yoosuf Sofwaan

Two former presidents calls for Qasim’s release

    April 7, 2017 - 10 months 2 weeks ago

Two former Presidents of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed and his predecessor, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has called for the release of the Leader of Jumhooree Party and MP for Maamiligi constituency , Qasim Ibrahim, who was arrested earlier tonight.

JP Leader, Qasim Ibrahim was arrested tonight at his residence, Maafannuvilla, with a court order. He has now been taken to the investigation jail in Dhoonidhoo.

Police said that that Qasim was arrested in suspicion of bribing MPs in the no confidence vote against the Speaker of the Parliament, Abdulla Maseeh, and in suspicion of attempting to influence the no confidence motion pending against the Deputy Speaker.

The reasons for the arrest in the court order signed by the Criminal Court Judge, Abdul Baree Yoosuf also include suspicion of working to influence security forces of the state and working outside the law to overthrow the constitutional government formed in the country.

In a tweet sent out by the former President Maumoon tonight said that he was “shocked” to hear of Qasim’s arrest and must be released immediately.

Former President, Mohamed Nasheed also tweeted out condemning the arrest along with a call to protest.

The former Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed also expressed his concerns regarding the JP Leader’s arrest saying that the world cannot stand by while the Maldivian government targets their oppositions.

Adhaalath Party, who is also part of the joint opposition movement also condemned the arrest of Qasim Ibrahim and called for his release accusing the government of trying to influence the no confidence vote pending against the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament on 11 April 2017.


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