Heavy rain floods Kanduhulhudhoo
Water pumps being used to drain water at Gaafu Alifu Kanduhulhudhoo - Photo: Reader

Heavy rain floods Kanduhulhudhoo

    March 15, 2017 - 11 months 6 days ago

Gaafu Alifu Kanduhulhudhoo has been flooded due to heavy rain causing damage to property.

The island has had nonstop torrential rain from last night to this morning.

President of the Kanduhulhudhoo Island Council, Najah Mohamed told Sun Media that the council has started draining the flood this morning. And they are using water pumps provided by the National Disaster Management Center.

But since the Island Council cannot do it alone, they have requested help from MNDF according to the Council President Najah.

He said that aside from flooding the streets, the water has entered a number of houses as well causing damage to property. But the extent of the damages is unclear at this time.

Council President Najah said that the Council has notified the island to report the damages to the houses.

While Kanduhulhudhoo has been flooded, the National Meteorological Center said that torrential rain is expected across the country with strong winds and thunder.


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