Tourist goes missing from diving point near Fuvahmulah

Authorities are searching for a tourist reported missing from diving point off the coast of Fuvahmulah City known as the Fuvahmulah Thila.

Maldives National Defense Force reports the missing 45-year-old man was part of the 20-tourist team onboard a safari who dove into Fuvahmulah Thila last Sunday evening.

Fuvahmulah Thila lies approximately one mile to the south off the coast of Fuvahmulah City.

MNDF reports the tourists dove into the water at approximately 5:10 pm.

The tourist was reported missing to MNDF’s Southern Area Coastguard Squadron at 6:55 pm.

MNDF said MNDF’s fast interceptor craft “Velana” was immediately dispatched to the diving point with a team of divers from the squadron, and has been working on searching for the missing tourist ever since.

The authority reports the tourist was wearing a gray rashguard, a black mask and black fins when he went missing.

Anyone with information regarding the missing tourist has been advised to call the Coastguard toll-free number 191 or telephone numbers 3395981 or 3398898 immediately.