Met Office forecasts heavy rain, thunderstorms

Met Office forecasts heavy rain, thunderstorms

    March 4, 2017 - 12 months 2 weeks ago

Maldives Meteorological Service has forecasted rain throughout that the country over the next 24 hours; with occasional heavy showers and thunderstorms in northern and central atolls, and a few showers in southern atolls.

Met Office reports the rainy weather is due to low-level circulation in the region, and that the skies will start clearing up in the central atolls on Sunday.

Surface winds will vary between north and north-easterly at 7 to 15 miles per hour in northern atolls, south-west and westerly at 8 to 18 miles per hour elsewhere.

Winds may gust to 40 miles per hour during showers.

Met Office reports seas will be moderate-to-rough throughout the country.

White alert has been issued to islands from H. A. Atoll to M. Atoll.


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