Supreme Court: Judge Mariyam Waheed has no authority in courts

Supreme Court has ruled that the Civil Court Judge, Mariyam Waheed has no authority to preside in any court in the Maldives.

The Supreme Court made the ruling following the case filed by the Attorney General claiming that Judge Mariyam Waheed made a ruling against a Supreme Court decision.

This is the first instance such a ruling regarding a judge’s decision.

The verdict from the Supreme Court said that while a ruling was made that going to an agreement to lease Vaavu Atoll Bodumohora to develop a resort was an option for the government, Judge Mariyam Waheed made a ruling today to sign the agreement within seven days from today.

The order said that there is no law obligating the government to sign any such agreement.

The Supreme Court’s verdict said that Judge Waheed has lost the capacity to be a judge as per the Articles 143-D and 145 of the Constitution along with Articles 20 and 22 of the Law of Courts and Article 86 of the Law of the Supreme Court.