AMIN contracted to build fire station in Hulhumeedhoo
State Minister Mohamed Zuhair (R) and Managing Director of AMIN Construction, Abdulla Mohamed (L) shake hands after signing contract to build fire station in Hulhumeedhoo, Addu City on February 16, 2017. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

AMIN contracted to build fire station in Hulhumeedhoo

    February 16, 2017 - 1 years 3 days ago

AMIN Construction has been contracted to build an MNDF fire station in Hulhumeedhoo, Addu City.

The contract was signed in a ceremony held this Thursday morning at Coastguard building.

The contract was signed on behalf of Maldives National Defense Force by State Minister Mohamed Zuhair, and on behalf of AMIN Construction by the company’s Managing Director Abdulla Mohamed.

Speaking during the ceremony, Minister of Defense Adam Shareef Umar said that AMIN Construction was a reputable and reliable company, and was confident the fire station will be completed as stated in the contract.

“We hope the building will be done and handed over to us in January,” said Minister Adam Shareef.

AMIN contracted to build fire station in Hulhumeedhoo

He said that the firefighters at the station in Hulhumeedhoo will assist both the island and surrounding islands.

“Our work is part of the government’s policy to protect and safeguard the people and their property across Maldives. The government’s priority, especially in development projects in Addu City, is noteworthy,” he said.

Minister Adam Shareef said fire stations were being built across the country, and that construction of the station in A. Dh. Maamingili is scheduled to be complete in November.


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