Fine Taxi: Driver hearing impaired, drove passenger to wrong address by mistake

Fine Taxi Center reports that its taxi driver drove a female passenger to the wrong address by mistake, and that the driver was hearing impaired.

The statement comes after the story of the incident started circulating in social media, and was reported to police.

The story of the incident was shared by the female passenger through her Facebook.

She said that she took the taxi during the night from near DHL office in Sosun Magu and asked to be driven to a house near State Electric Company headquarters.

She said that she noticed the driver was headed in the wrong direction, and repeated the address to him several times – to which he gave no response.

The woman said she feared the driver was talking her to the dark alley near Marry Brown. She said the driver only stopped when she panicked and opened the door of the taxi.

Fine Taxi Center reports that the passenger asked to be taken to G. Berinmadhoo, and the driver mistakenly thought she was asking to be driven to Marry Brown.

“No matter how many times the woman said he was driving to the wrong address, he wouldn’t hear it unless she said it loudly. He stopped the taxi when the woman opened the door,” said the official from Fine Taxi Center who spoke to “Sun”.