PPM to hold primary in January with 600 candidates

Ruling political party, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has announced its primary for the upcoming Local Council Election will be held within January.

Civil Court ordered a two-month postponement to Local Council Election – originally scheduled for January 14 – after PPM filed a lawsuit claiming inability to prepare for the election due to inner-conflicts within the party, changes to management of the party and loss of important documentation.

Elections Commission has announced the Local Council Election will be held on April 8.

In response to questions by “Sun” regarding PPM’s readiness for the Council Election, Secretary-General of PPM, Nilandhoo MP Abdulla Khaleel said the party was preparing to hold its primary this January.

Khaleel said PPM will be sharing information on constituencies which do not require a primary within this week, and that more than 600 candidates will be participating in the primary.

He said that PPM had to work hard to retrieve its database and important information which went missing, and that the party was almost done compiling its membership registry.

“A large part of the registry is now complete using the registry of Elections Commission, information from old soft copies, and information collected from some of PPM’s branches. We can hold the primary now,” said Khaleel.

All independent candidates and political parties need to submit their applications to EC by 3 pm, February 6, to Elections Center at old Jamaluddin School.