Sun Online made online media partner of Maldives Marine Expo

Sun Online has been made online media partner for the event –Maldives Marine Expo 2016 – an exhibition to showcase products of businesses working in marine industry – both locally and internationally.

The exhibition is organized by Liveaboard Association of Maldives, and has been endorsed by Ministry of Economy, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC, and Maldives National Chamber of Commerce.

The event will be managed by BLAK – the same company which has been managing the event since it was first held in 2014.

Sun Online was officially made the online media partner of Maldives Marine Expo in a function held at BLAK head office on Tuesday.

The agreement was signed by Managing Director of BLAK – Ismail Husham, and General Manager of Sun Media Group – Minha Faiz Rashad.

Managing Director of BLAK, Husham said that Sun Online was made the event’s online media partner because BLAK has had a good experience working with Sun in events.

He said that Sun had provided good coverage in the events they worked together in the past with.

“Sun has worked with BLAK for the consumer fair. Sun provided very good coverage for the event, and the launch of new products by participants of the fair. Sun was made partner of this event for such reasons,” said Husham.

SMG General Manager Minha Faiz Rashad said that she believed it was very important to provide coverage for international events such as Maldives Marine Expo, as the country’s largest online media.

She said that Sun Online was ready to work with BLAK and provide information regarding the event to the public.

“Being made media partner of Marine Expo is a huge honor to Sun. Sun will provide good coverage of the event to the satisfaction of readers and partners of the event,” said Minha.

She noted that Maldives Marine Expo was an international event, and said that Sun Online English Edition was the most up-to-date and popular English language news website in Maldives – and would carry news of the event to international community.

Maldives Marine Expo is to be held from September 27 – 30, in Hulhumale’.