Stelco to bring in additional 8 megawatt generator
Generators installed in Stelco during 4th Power Project. - Sun file photo

Stelco to bring in additional 8 megawatt generator

    January 24, 2016 - 2 years 1 months ago

State Electric Company (Stelco) has said that it would be bringing in an additional 8 megawatt generator in 2017 to power Male’ City.

Stelco Media Coordinator Ibrahim Rauf said on Sunday that the company was working on bringing in a 8 megawatt generator, and that the order would be placed this year.

“It will take about 8 months alone for it to be shipped here. Therefore it will be operational at start of next year, after the current year ends,” said Rauf.

He said that the additional generator would provide a solution to electricity shortages when the electricity usage goes into overdrive.

Stelco currently uses 27 generators – total 50 megawatts – to power Male’.


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