Saudi Forensic Team: Will work with the investigation team as best as the abilities allow

The Saudi Forensic Team assisting the Maldivian authorities’ investigation the explosion on the Presidential launch has said that they would help the investigation team to the best of their abilities.

Commissioner of Police, Hussain Waheed has met with the Saudi Forensic Team today. Regarding the Commissioner’s meeting, Police has said that the Saudi Forensic Team has noted that the investigation by the Maldivian Police in the case is noteworthy and important work. The team presented their gratitude for accepting the Saudi Government’s offer to assist in the investigation and allowing them to take part in the investigation.

At the meeting today at the Headquarters of the Maldives Police Service at Shaheed Hussain Adam Building, the Commissioner, Waheed sent his gratitude to the Saudi King, Government and the Heads of the Saudi Police for sending Forensic Team in a short notice to assist in the investigation.

Police said that the members of the Saudi Forensic Team said in the meeting that it was a very sad incident. And they said that they are glad to be working with the Maldives in such an investigation.

President and the First Lady were traveling from Hulhulé to the Capital, Malé after their Hajj Pilgrimage when the explosion that took place on board the Presidential launch.