Government: Preparations for Right to Information Act complete

All preparations have been completed to begin the full implementation of the Right to Information Act, the President’s Office Spokesperson Ibrahim Muaz has said.

The Right to Information Act was passed by the Parliament on 29 December, ratified by the President on 12 January and came into force today.

Muaz told Sun Online that Information Officers have been appointed at all government officers and that the President has nominated an Information Commissioner for parliament’s approval.

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom proposed former Maavashu MP Abdul Azeez Jamaal Aboobakuru for the Information Commissioner post on 23 June, 15 days prior to the full implementation of the law, as required.

The Act also requires the government to set up an Information Commissioner’s Office prior to its implementation. However, Muaz said that approval from the Information Commissioner is needed to appoint a commission secretariat. Parliament has yet to approve the President's nomination.

The Right to Information Act stipulates standards for every individual to acquire information controlled by the government and acts as a means to increase government accountability and transparency.