No point in development if the people cannot relax: Yameen

Presidential candidate of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) Abdullah Yameen has said that the end result of the efforts towards development should be that the people live in an environment where they can relax.

Yameen made this remark while speaking at a rally held by PPM in Dhaalu Kudahuvadhoo today.

“The end result of all this effort, of constructing harbours, and sending our children to school, should be to ensure that people can relax and live in peace, happiness and freedom. Otherwise there’s no point in doing all this,” he said.

He said that the people have to say no to politicians who disrupt peace and make unrealistic promises.

Speaking at today’s rally, Leader of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) Ahmed Siyam Mohamed highlighted the importance of primary education for children.

“Every mother and father would want good things from their children. To ensure this, we have to establish a complete primary education and education system,” he said.

Siyam said that preschool services will be provided in every island in the country within the first year of a PPM-MDA government.

He also said that the Kudahuvadhoo Airport development project, which has been opened for bidding on two occasions, will be implemented within the first year of a PPM-MDA government.

Former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and Yameen thanked Siyam for his efforts to gain support for the PPM-MDA coalition.

The rally held in Kudahuvadhoo harbour area today was attended by PPM presidential candidate Abdullah Yameen, Leader of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) Ahmed Siyam Mohamed, senior officials of PPM and MDA, and supporters of PPM from Kudahuvadhoo and other islands in Dhaalu Atoll.