Will subsidize all government services for the elderly: President Waheed

President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has pledged to subsidize all public services for the elderly, a campaign pledge from his Forward with the Nation coalition for the September presidential race.

Announcing the coalition’s “Religious and Nationalization” policy in Kaafu Thulusdhoo last night, the President said that neglected elderly people presently exist in Maldivian hospitals and that his coalition government would take care of them.

He promised to establish a system where the elderly get special priority at all government service outlets and subsidize the fees from all public services.

The coalition’s goal would be to build a peaceful nation, he said, and that their aim would be to foster a law-abiding society.

He said that his coalition government would ensure that all those who provide public services, such as teachers police and the military are given due respect in the society.

The President reiterated the coalition's promise to strive to uphold the law and constitution and said that he will not be one to “act outside the chart” to influence the constitution.

He also pledged to refrain from influencing the independent institutions and the judiciary.

“We will teach the democratic culture to the children. We will establish the democratic culture in government and all other institutions,” President Waheed said.

He also said that the they will bring about changes to the current teaching methods of Islam in schools and provide additional training facilities for Islam teachers. He said that they will also provide training and research facilities from abroad for the lecturers who train the teachers who teach Islam.