Certificates presented to eight people for completing drug rehabilitation program

Certificates have been presented to the first batch of people who were sentenced to rehabilitation after confessing to having used drugs, for completing the drug rehabilitation program.

The certificates were presented at a ceremony held at Drug Court today, by Judge Mahaz Ali Zahir, Judge Abdul Sattar Abdul Hameed and Judge Husain Shahamath Mahir.

Certificates were presented to eight out of ten people who completed the program, namely Hassan Daood of Boakulhandhurumaage, Lhaviyani Hinnavaru; Hassan Rasheed of G. Life; Mohamed Faseeh of Faseemaage, Raa Hinguraidhoo; Ibrahim Shafeeu of H. Lobby; Muslim Shakir of Janavareege, Gaafu Dhaalu Vaadhoo; Muhiyyuddheen Abdul Gafoor of Gulaabeege, Baa Kendhoo; Ali Rasheed of Ranvilaage in Haa Dhaalu Hanimaadhoo; and Abdullah Zareer of Ma. Kandooge.

Certificates could not be presented to the remaining two people because they are not currently in Male’, said the Drug Court.

Speaking at today’s ceremony, Head of Drug Court Judge Mahaz said that the court had sentenced 275 people to rehabilitation thus far, out of which 19 people had been arrested by the police for crimes.

The people who completed the rehabilitation program include people sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for drug-related crimes.

Some people who violated the procedures of the program while under rehabilitation were also sent back to prison by the Drug Court.

Judge Mahaz highlighted the importance of facilitating employment opportunities for people who complete the rehabilitation program.

Speaking at the ceremony, Counsellor of the National Drug Agency Ibrahim Mohamed advised people who completed the rehabilitation program to leave behind their friends with whom they used drugs in the past.

One of the people who completed the rehabilitation program, Ibrahim Shafiu of H. Lobby, also spoke at the ceremony.

He said that he did not intend to stop using drugs even when he was sentenced by the Drug Court to rehabilitation; however, by the end of the program, he had successfully cured himself of drug addiction.