Councillor Sujau charged for obstructing police

Charges have been pressed against Male’ City Council Member Ibrahim Sujau for obstructing the role of the police.

Media Official of the Criminal Court Ahmed Mohamed Manik told Sun Online that Sujau has been accused of refusing to comply with a request by a police officer to show his licence card, while he was travelling on a motorcycle on the evening of 12 November 2012.

Manik said that the State’s charges against Sujau state that at around 17:48 on 12 November 2012, Sujau rode his motorcycle on Sosun Magu while speaking on his mobile phone, and was questioned by the police when he stopped the motorcycle.

Manik said that Sujau disobeyed the police’s request to show his licence card, and also refused when asked to get on the police vehicle to go to the traffic police, claiming that he did not have to go on the police vehicle.