President appoints board of directors to Male' International Airport Limited

President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has assembled a board of directors for Male’ International Airport Limited (MIAL), the company established to manage Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA).

Press Secretary for the President’s Office Massood Imad told Sun today that the President appointed Mohamed Umar Manik, M. Ruhkuri, as the chairman of the company. Mohamed Umar Manik is also the chairman of Universal Enterprises.

Mohamed Umar Manik has also filled the post of chairman of the “Airport Advisory Committee” that was constituted by the president to advise the government on the management and development of the airport.

The government appointed Island Aviation Chairman Bandhu Ibrahim Saleem as the Managing Director of MIAL.

Massood said that in addition to Bandhu Saleem and Koli Umar Manik, the board of directors consist of Thoriq Ibrahim of G. Noomaraahiya, Ahmed Munavvaru of Gaafu Dhaalu Madaveli Gahaa, Abdulla Yazeed of Dhaftharu (general registry), and Ibrahim Iyas of Dhaftharu.

Massood said that there will be one more addition to the board, but did not identify the person.

The government has said that once MIAL is fully established, all matters regarding to the management and development of INIA will be carried out by the company.