MDP proposes to remove Gasim from JSC

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has proposed to the Parliament that the Parliament’s member to the Judicial Service Commission, Maamigil MP Gasim Ibrahim, be removed from the commission.

MDP Parliamentary Group Member Ibrahim Rasheed (Bondey) said that the party has submitted a motion to the Parliament to dismiss Gasim from the JSC today.

He said that it is not right that Gasim should sit in JSC while acting as the President and Presidential candidate for Jumhoory Party. Ibrahim Rasheed has also accused Gasim of influencing the processes in place to make judges accountable.

Jumhoory Party Spokesperson Moosa Rameez said that MDP’s purpose for such accusations is to tarnish Gasim’s reputation and good name.

Rameez said that MDP is making statements of slander towards Gasim because they fear Gasim’s popularity as a presidential candidate.