President: We have given people basic independence

The president speaking at the event held to hand over reclaimed land to Dhaandhoo council. (Photo/President's office)

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Friday night that in this term of presidency, the people of Maldives have gotten their basic independence.

Speaking at the ceremony held to hand over the newly reclaimed land to GA. Dhaandhoo council, President Solih said that in the past, expressing your opinions and thinking freely and independently was viewed as a crime.

He said that it has changed now.

“It has been four years since the people elected and accepted this regime. Four years ago, in 2018, people voted for me and allowed me to create a government with requests to bring change to lots of things,” he said.

These things include the independence of free speech and journalism Solih said.

“Whether it is at me, or the ministers, the news is being written in any way they see. We don’t obstruct them. We accept these things,” he said.

He further said that after removing barriers to starting businesses, they have been given opportunities to start independent businesses as well.

“I say with certainty that due to a difference in political views, the government will not deny or hinder any business,” Solih said.

He also highlighted the achievements in establishing basic services in his speech.

For example, he talked about how the constant electricity cuts in the atoll have been solved, and that FENAKA had a huge role in doing so.

Moreover, he said that safe drinking water will be readily available in the atoll as well.

“At the end of these 5 years, ways for anyone in the Maldives to get safe drinking water anywhere in the Maldives will be established,” he said.